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Which is The Best Water Treatment System

Do you know what is in your drinking water?  Is all water the same?  Did you know the water you are drinking contains a plethora of pharmaceuticals which are not being eliminated by water treatment systems?  Did you know that you are potentially drinking parasites, bacteria and heavy metals from most water which has been treated, carcinogens and DNA-altering chemicals?  What if there was a system that would take out all of these contaminants i.e., organic, biological and inorganic, consistently?

Once upon a time, this planet was blessed with pure water – Mother Nature saw to it that the pure water given to our blue planet by the Creator was kept pure.  That water was pH neutral – in other words, neither acidic nor alkaline, but a perfect balance of both, promoting health to not only humans and animals, but every living thing on the planet.

With the advent of the industrial revolution, the purity of water on the planet began to be compromised.  There are approximately 366 quintillion gallons of water on planet earth; only .007% of that is fresh, potable water. However, the fresh water is no longer potable because it has been contaminated with toxins, organic and inorganic matter and heavy metals in varying degrees.  That includes surface water, the water table, deep underground streams, whether through industrial waste, human waste, pharmaceuticals, herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, radiation and, more recently, through fracking and chemtrails.

It has only been in recent decades, when citizens of the world began realizing that the treated water available for human and animal consumption was woefully inadequate,  that a demand for higher level of water purification be made available.  Since no one has made serious investigations and financial commitments, and current activities further compromise fresh water, individuals took on the responsibility to find other sources of pure water for their own health and wellbeing.  Currently, sources of water treatment are:  spring water UV-treated; tap water treated with chloride and fluoride (both of which are potential carcinogens); reverse osmosis; water softeners; spring/artesian wells; ionized water/bioceramics; and distillation.  Only some of these processes retain minerals, but do not address organic and inorganic matter, heavy metals are not removed, including PCBs, etc.  Most treatments produce acidic water and are not pH neutral.  None remove all the contaminants, nor do they retain the natural minerals in the water.

In the 1880’s, electrolysis was invented in the UK to purify water, and was used in factories in North America in the 1900’s.  This process was the most effective system used to purify water, but proved to be extremely expensive, was subject to ongoing breakdown, corrosion of metal plates, water flow was inconsistent and the inadequate control of electrical current could not ensure all water was treated 100%.

Some 22 years ago, a Canadian, Brian Cook, after many years of research, invented a superior system to the electrolysis of the 1880’s. His technology, ESIL, consists of multiple series of electrolytic cells containing anodes and cathodes positioned in close proximity to each other thus allowing for a very high density of electricity across the gap.  Low voltage direct current is applied as water continuously flows through the labyrinth of holes in the cathodes.  It can be equated to lightning in a bottle. Ionization of the contaminants renders them inert, thus they are safely removed from the water. This system desynthesizes organics, coagulates inorganics, eliminates biochemicals and then desynthesizes them, retaining all natural minerals, and maintaining a pH of 7.1 to 7.5.  All contaminants are either killed, in the case of E. coli, viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc., or ionically bonded.  During the water treatment process, there are no harmful side effects or by-products.  Therefore, unlike all other water treatment systems, this water treatment can claim a very small carbon footprint.

The whole purpose of clean water is to ensure the body is not only getting much needed minerals, but is not bombarded with the very toxins which cause health to be adversely affected because of carcinogens, parasites, E. Coli, fungi, viruses, etc.  Dirty water compromises the immune system.  A healthy body thrives when the pH factor is between 7.1 and 7.5.  Disease flourishes in an acid environment, and dirty water is acidic.  Pure water has a neutral pH and is immediately absorbed by the cells.  Pure water not only keeps us less likely to succumb to disease, but assists in weight loss, detoxification, proper digestion and elimination, superior brain and body function, a decrease in stress and fatigue, a buoyant mood and a strong immune system.

We have all heard of athletes who died because they were thirsty, drank water to satiate their thirst and were actually drowned by the water they consumed because the cells were not absorbing the water.  We have also read many articles where people were dying because toxic dump sites were leaching chemicals into the water system causing not only all forms of cancer, but also many autoimmune diseases.  Similarly, crops are being watered with toxic water and these toxins are being absorbed into the produce we eat.  For those of us who are concerned about the water we drink, we believe that clean water with mineral content is the first major step to repairing our overtaxed bodies – a respite to the toxic cocktail we have been told is safe.  How about you?

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Monica Papiz is a Certified Practitioner in B.E.S.T (Bio Energetic Synchronization Techniques) and a Certified Practitioner in E.F.T (Emotional Freedom Techniques). She is an Ambassador of Good Health through Wh2ole Water 113.8.      


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