Your Horoscope For The Holidays

Aries: Four of Swords, Five of Swords, Knight of Pentacles

You are coming out of a healing period in your life. This month, you may experience some unexpected hurdles. Tap into your new round resilience and remember these hurdles are only temporary. You will come of out of it feeling stronger and ready to conquer your next steps!


Taurus: Six of Swords, Devil, Fool

You have been able to move away from negative energy lately. This month, connect with your true attributes that make you the strong person you are. Once you do, you will be able to begin a new personal journey!


Gemini: Queen of Wands, Page of Wands, Ten of Cups

You have been feeling more balanced lately. This month, pay attention to what your intuition is telling you about yourself and your next steps. Once you do, you will feel a surge of new positive feelings and energy in your life!


Cancer: Two of Cups, Sun, Nine of Swords

You have made a new emotional connection recently. This month just sit back and relax while you enjoy this new positivity in your life. You are gaining new tools while learning how to acknowledge your past while not letting it effect your future!


Leo: Page of Swords, Hermit, Nine of Wands 

You have been feeling more inspired lately. This month, take some time to go within to find all of the answers you are looking for. You have everything you need. Once you do, you will finally be able to move forward while achieving your new goals!


Virgo: Ace of Cups, Two of Pentacles, Strength

You have been experiencing some new emotions lately. This month, you will make a new personal connection, bringing emotional and spiritual fulfillment into your life. This will help you feel more empowered, giving you even more confidence than you have ever imagined!


Libra: Hanged Man, Six of Wands, Ten of Wands

You have been feeling somewhat stuck lately. This month, put yourself out there and try to accomplish something that might not have worked in the past. Once you do, you will feel a large burden being lifted from you!


Scorpio: Empress, Three of Cups, Two of Swords 

You have been feeling more emotionally powerful and connected lately. This month, make sure to communicate your feelings as best as you can. Once you do, you will notice the positive results, which will give you even more faith that you are on the right track!


Sagittarius: Ace of Wands, Four of Cups, Ace of Pentacles 

You may have noticed that you have been getting new ideas on your personal growth lately. This month, take some time to evaluate where you are emotionally, while not making any major decisions. Once you do, you will be ready to experience a new surge of emotional and spiritual growth in your life!


Capricorn: Nine of Pentacles, Wheel of Fortune, High Priestess 

You have made some noticeable changes recently. This month, you will be presented with an opportunity. Be sure to take it because the window won’t stay open too long. Once you do, you will feel even more connected to your intuition and goals for your future!


Aquarius: Queen of Cups, Knight of Wands, Page of Pentacles 

You have been more emotionally open lately. This month is a great time to figure out what you would like to add to your life and go after it. Once you get the ball rolling, you will be inspired with new ideas on how to get to when you want to be!


Pisces: Eight of Pentacles, Nine of Cups, Death 

You have been working hard on how to master the areas of your life that need work. This month, focus on releasing the old emotional burdens that have been holding you back. Once you do, you will be ready to let go of everything in your life that has been holding you back!



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