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Q: I’ll be visiting family over the holidays with no gym to work out at and no fitness equipment available, what should I do? Sarah, North York


A: You don’t need a lot of space or special equipment to keep your fitness up while you're away from your gym. All you need is spare time, a little space, a clock or timer and some ingenuity. This special holiday workout is something we post in our holiday newsletter every year as requested by our clients. The program is set by professionals, and can be performed anywhere.


“AMRAP” means as many rounds as possible within a given time limit. Typically you’d decide the time limit for your exercise session with a rotation of several exercises. This program is a little different as there are both built-in rest periods with incremental increases in the work period. These nine exercises will take you a little over thirty minutes to complete.


Start with Jumping Jacks

15 seconds of jumping jacks, 15 seconds of rest

30 seconds of jumping jacks, 15 seconds of rest

45 seconds of jumping jacks, 15 seconds of rest

1 minute of jumping jacks, 15 seconds of rest


Then replace jumping jacks with the following exercises:

  • push ups

  • jump squats

  • sit ups

  • burpees

  • mountain climbers (fast or slow)

  • high knees on the spot or tuck jumps

  • bicycles

  • deep squat long jump, three hops back


Alison Lubin was born and raised in Toronto to a family who loves athletics. She graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education and Exercise Physiology and continued her post secondary studies at Ryerson University graduating with a Bachelor of Nutritional Studies. Alison worked locally as a registered dietician, then continued for three years in the United States and was selected to write for a group of physicians. She later moved back to Toronto and started a private practice in the First Canadian Place before opening Harmony Fitness in February 2009.

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