Which Coconut Water is Best?

Grace vs. C2O Pure

Coconut water is the latest craze in sports drinks. It’s low-cal, fat-free and provides more potassium than a banana, providing the hydration and electrolytes needed by athletes and fitness enthusiasts after exercise. But some brands of coconut water, such as Grace Coconut Water, come with sulphites, an additive that can cause adverse reactions.


Savvy Alerts:
Sulphites (sodium metabisulphite)



Sulphites are preservatives added to prevent mold growth. They are known to cause headaches, irritable bowel, behavioural disturbances and skin rashes. The preservatives are even more troublesome for asthmatics, who can develop a sudden constriction of the airways after eating foods or drinking wine preserved with sulphites.

Savvy Pick

C2O Pure Coconut Water’s ingredient list has only 1 ingredient – 100% natural coconut water. It’s a sulphite and sugar-free alternative to Grace Coconut Water and provides fewer than half the calories per serving, too.



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