When Is It Time To Change My Pet’s Diet?

Dog Food For Thought

When you love them like family, it only makes sense to feed them like one too, but when is it time to change your pet’s diet? Is there a right time? Some key factors to consider are: life stage, weight (over/under), activity level, breed, seasons, etc. And the biggest factor of all, your pet’s actual health status.  Here are some signs and symptoms that will tell you it is absolutely time to make that change:

  • Brittle coat and nails

  • Tough or thick skin

  • Yeasty paws and ears

  • Mange

  • Chronic hot spots

  • IBS

  • Colitis

  • Constantly gassy

  • Loose stools/ constipation

  • Obese

  • Poor dental health

  • UTI (urinary tract infection)

  • LGS (leaky gut syndrome)

  • Allergies

  • Diabetic or pre-diabetic

  • Thyroid issues (hypo/hyperthyroidism)

  • Constant tear stains

  • Liver issues/ fatty liver

  • Kidney/gall bladder stones

All these signs and symptoms tell you that your pet is not doing well, and any good veterinarian will tell you that your pet’s health and well being all start from his/her diet. With a poor and a ‘non-species appropriate’ diet, their bodies are basically trying to make something out of nothing. If food is supposed to be ‘medicine’ as Hippocrates said a long time ago, then your pet should only be getting better on his/her diet. Another thing to consider is if your pet has been on the same type of food, with the same protein source for a long long time, then it is absolutely time to change that up. I’m sure you would not be happy eating chicken and potatoes every single day either! Now, some pets do better on certain protein sources than others; that being so, do not keep them on that single protein forever.

Find another few sources that they do well on and rotate between all of them. If we look at nature and our seasons, with every new season come foods that are only available within that season. This is mother nature’s way of telling us to constantly change things up – mother nature knows best. Same goes for our beloved fur kids. Our bodies and their bodies always know better, so if something is not working, all these signs and symptoms are there telling us so. Good health always starts from within, that is true for us, and absolutely true for them as well.


If your pet develops any of these signs/symptoms and you feel it is time to move on to another food source or type, check with your vet, holistic vet or pet health care practitioner/nutritionist to help guide you to select and easily transition your pet’s diet, and proper supplement regime so your pet can thrive and not just survive another day!

Lucy Jabrayan is the owner and founder of Thrive4life Holistic Pet, and an education consultant for a Canadian nutraceutical company specializing in human, pet and equine supplementation. www.thrive4lifepetfood.com.

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