What is Your Morning Routine?

Taking Time for A Spiritual Shower

I have been spending a lot of time recently thinking about morning routines and the effect they have on the way our day unfolds. It is my belief that as a society we continue to preserve some sort of evening ritual of winding down. That same sort of ritual, for the morning, seems to have disappeared. Most of us simply burst into our day, into the stimulation, with no semblance of a 'wind up'. We don't warm up for our day the same way we cool down at night. We have a tendency to simply jump into our day with no ritual or practice that prepares us, emotionally, for all of the things we come to face in a day. We make cleaning the outside of our bodies, in the shower, a priority but so many of us neglect the importance of an internal shower before taking on the day. Cleansing our emotional self centers us and helps us to react less and be more present with what's happening in the moment. It equips us with the ability to soften towards things that may aggravate us or set us off course.

A daily meditation ritual, before taking in any external stimulants, is a beautiful way to align with our inner compass. Think about your morning routine. Did you look at your mobile device before you took your first breath of the day? Did you turn on the news right away? Did you stimulate with coffee first thing? What would it feel like to do a breathing exercise or a short meditation, first thing, before taking in any sort of stimulus, to connect with your inner compass? That time can significantly alter the way you react to that first email in your inbox. It can make you more present with those around you. A morning ritual opens your mind and your heart to miracles.

Tapping into your inner compass first thing creates fresh space in your heart and mind. It clears out any residual anxiety, worries or energy you took on from the day before. Your ability to face the day becomes stronger. You will notice a lighter feeling in your heart and your outlook is brighter.

I recommend setting up a place in your home where you can go first thing when you wake, before anything else, to make the connection with yourself. I wake up in good time each day to create this quiet space for myself. For me this means ensuring I have, at a minimum, 15 minutes before my kids wake up. While this was hard to start at first, I now find that the benefits of this daily practice far outweigh the need to sleep a bit longer. The desire to practice is there for me now because I feel and witness the effects of it first hand, on my life and on those who surround me. My desire is that it changes your life as much as it has changed mine.


Emily Ridout is a co-founder of 889 Yoga in Toronto. She leads Meditation classes at 889 and is a graduate of 889’s 200-hour Living Yoga Program. Emily loves and lives 889’s mission to inspire happy, healthy, peaceful lives.

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