Wet and Wonderful

Spice up Your Sex Life with Water

As summer heats up, it is a great opportunity to cool down in sexy ways. Take advantage of not having to huddle under the covers for warmth as a way to spice up your routine and to bring some refreshing fun and slipperiness to your sexual adventures. Here are some ideas to intensify your pleasure during those hot and steamy summer mornings, days and nights.

Rub a Dub- Dub – Play in the Shower or Tub: 

The hand-held shower head, tub faucet and shower massager are sure bets for anyone who desires some added pleasure in focused spots. Water jets in the jacuzzi have a reputation for being everyone’s best friend and not just for back muscles!  If you have a playmate, cool off as you heat things up in the shower or tub. Add some soap to slip and slide over each other. Just be sure to have a good hold of something so you don’t fall. A private outdoor shower takes it up a notch and being outdoors always makes everything seem more satisfying and heightens the senses. If you can find a private spot for your outdoor sprinkler, that is another adventurous place to indulge in while the hot sun invites you to play.

Water Toys: 

Toys are a fun addition to sex play for many people. Waterproof vibrators offer the advantage that they are versatile and can be used for play that can happen in the bedroom, pool, shower, lake or anywhere you desire. While some prefer them because they can be used in the bathroom alone where we are less likely to be interrupted, they are fun for play with others as well. Try breaking your toy out to use with a partner if you have not already done so. It can make getting clean in the shower together so much more fun.  Make sure you know whether your toy is water resistant (ok in the shower, not the tub), waterproof (and at what depth if you take it scuba diving) or not at all. You don’t want any short-circuits!

No Sex Toys? – No Problem! 

On a sweltering night, tease a lover by melting ice, a popsicle or frozen fruit over their entire body, gradually building to more erogenous zones. The pleasure is largely in the anticipation. Some women like to sit under a dripping faucet in the bathtub- the rhythmic drips offer yet another type of sensation. For a similar partner activity, dribble water from a soaked face cloth (or a needle-less syringe or water gun) seductively and teasingly over both of your bodies; slow drips on sensitive zones. Since you are bound to get thirsty it can also be licked off to quench that desire.


Of course safety is always paramount when it comes to sex and sex water-play is no exception. If a woman is enjoying the pressure of a water jet, angle the pressure towards the clitoris and put a hand over the vagina to make sure that the water pressure does not thrust inside. For intercourse in a tub, consider the following precautions:. Beware that lots of public hot tubs have germs, so limit your escapades to those where you are confident that Ph levels and bacteria are monitored and kept at safe levels. Chlorine can change a woman's vagina's ph so extended adventures are best left for out of the water. As well, pregnant women should never go into a hot tub. Period. Salt water play is not ideal since friction against sensitive internal tissues might cause unpleasant sensations such as stinging.  For safer sex purposes, “regular” male condoms are deemed less effective in water, especially with the presence of chemicals, as they may break down or slip off (really there just have not been enough tests to know for sure).  However the female condom is a better option for both safer sex and pleasure: put it in before you get into the water and the pressure will keep the condom in place and limit any chlorine or bacterial contact with the sensitive tissues of our inner orifices.  While the female condom is at times derided for making noise with the friction of intercourse, the sound is not audible under water, thus making  it an ideal choice in this case..


Water is not a natural lubricant; in fact it washes away our natural and water-based commercial lubricants. Sensitive tissues prefer slipperiness; therefore it is often even more important to use lubricant for play in the water, even if you don’t need it at other times. Salt and chlorine further diminish the slipperiness of our natural lubrication. Fortunately, silicone- based lubes are an ideal option for underwater escapades because they remain slippery even when wet. Just don’t miss your target and get any of the lube on the underside of your feet. Slipperiness, abandon and hard tiles make for unhappy endings.

However you like to play, water offers the optimal summer indulgence. Stay cool, fresh and clean with water as your co-conspirator. The cheapest, sexiest and easiest escape from the heat close to home!



Carlyle Jansen is the founder of Good For Her, a sexuality shop and workshpo centre in Toronto. If you have questions or comments she can be reached at carlyle@goodforher.com or go online to goodforher.com

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