Vat's a VASER?

Non-Invasive Cosmetic Surgery

Regular Tonic readers know that there is no quick fix for getting into shape. You have to eat right and exercise. With hard work most of us will achieve results. But genetics cannot be denied. Many of us struggle with areas of our bodies that can’t be ‘toned’ no matter how much work we put in. Rightly or wrongly, these "un-tonable" parts can cause a lot of angst.  Surgery is an extreme option, with high cost and risks.

Recently there’s been growth in popularity of non-invasive cosmetic surgery options. Not as expensive or potentially dangerous as invasive techniques, these treatments can achieve excellent results.  One such new technique for attacking area-specific fat and cellulite – VASER Shape, is a non-invasive ultrasound therapy for circumferential reduction. This treatment was previously only available in the United States but is now exclusively available in Canada at AXI The Spa.

The VASER Shape device is a computerized system that uses ultrasound waves and massage therapy to treat a variety of conditions.  It uses ultrasound energy to affect tissue in a non-invasive manner.  Ultrasound energy passes through the skin on the way to the underlying tissue layers.  It is paired with a lymphatic massage  for opening of the lymphatic system at the beginning of the treatment and lymphatic drainage at the end of the treatment.

The technology has been clinically tested. A study of 204 patients who were treated using the VASER Shape technique was published in The American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery, Vol 29, No. 2, 2012 (“Clinical Effects of Noninvasive Ultrasound Therapy for Circumferential Reduction”).  Those patients experienced a reduction in circumference in the area treated (mainly lower torso and upper thighs) immediately after the first treatment and continuing over the course of treatments.  Other areas of treatment are the pelvic area, arms, upper torso and lower legs, including the ankles.

The AXI The Spa technician says that her clients typically utilize the treatments to target stubborn areas such as the abdomen and upper thighs.  But clients often want to obtain quick results for special occasions; such as brides or mothers of brides whose gowns expose the triceps areas of the arms.

The treatment which I experienced feels very warm to the touch but is not painful. Each session takes two to three hours depending on the area treated; for example treating the abdomen typically takes less time than treating the legs.   The spa technician was warm and professional and did everything she could to make my experience pleasant.  After treatment, I was able to immediately continue with my daily routines, which AXI advises is the typical result. Results from the VASER Shape are permanent, as long as the client experiences no weight gain.

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