Traveling Solo…But Not Alone

The Top 8 Benefits of Group Tours

Some people who love the idea of traveling, nevertheless choose not to get out and see the world, because they’re solo. But that shouldn’t hold you back. Group travel for individuals is trending. Here are the top 8 reasons why you should consider taking a group tour. 


  1. It’s the most convenient way to travel. All the complicated logistics are handled for you and you are led by an experienced local guide who speaks the language and knows the ins and outs of the destinations you’re going to. 


  1. It’s also the safest way to travel. There’s an underlying truth to the concept of “safety in numbers”. You don’t have to worry about accessing locations on your own. The tour activities are curated with your comfort in mind. 


  1. One of the greatest benefits of group travel is that you get to meet new people. Many of our clients have remained in contact with fellow travellers from all over North America and interact with them regularly, travel with them regularly and have built long term relationships. There’s alway someone around to take your picture for social media!


  1. Not everyone likes to plan the details. If you’re the kind of person who just likes to “do”, group tours are perfect for you.  The events and itineraries are already planned with activities to introduce you to your destination. 


  1. Still, everyone wants to see the world in their own way. So within group tours there is plenty of open time to explore destinations on your own or with new friends. You can also add in personalized excursions. You can even stay behind a few days and we can take care of the catch-up flights. Flexibility and personalization are key.


  1. The focus of group tours is on culture. So you’re going to see the places that matter the most and which have the biggest impact on educational content. Also local guides who speak the language help with the logistical barriers. This allows for greater access to the best cites.


  1. Group tours are curated. You’ll not only see the famous sites, with an expertly planned group tour you’ll also experience those places that you typically wouldn’t get access to on your own – the more unique places that only the locals know about.


  1. Lastly, but maybe most importantly, there’s more bang for the buck! Group tours can be less expensive than traveling on your own. Because of the volume of purchasing, group tours get discounts. Those savings are passed along to the traveler making your dollars stretch even further.


George Levesque is the Vice-President in charge of EF Go Ahead Tours.