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Fantastic Wellness Festival

The first annual Self-Healing Festival takes place on Saturday, September 29th, 2012, from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., at 918 Bathurst Street (north of Bloor) in Toronto. We spoke with the festival’s organizer and driving force Patricia McAllister to learn more about the show.

The Self-Healing Festival presents an excellent opportunity for those in attendance to meet and speak with many specialized healers who healed themselves first, and are now able to help you heal your physical, mental, and emotional body. These experts offer hope to those who are experiencing less than optimum health, a disease or fatigue.  According to Patricia, even if you are not experiencing any illnesses, this festival promises to educate and enlighten you on your beautiful journey to supreme health and well-being!

“The goal of the Self-Healing Festival is to offer hope and help, with speakers that will explain their healing journey and how they healed themselves of disease, such as 77 years-young James Roe, Insulin No More, Vinita Puri-Richards, Healing ‘Endo’ and international author and Improving Your Eyesight, speaker Jane Kabarguina will reveal what is most important and the missing links for people with serious eye diseases.” says Patricia.

Exhibits will include Advanced Health Technologies on the dangers of EMF’s and how you can protect yourself, Vielight Inc. on Intranasal Light Therapy to restore the body’s internal balance, Soulgood, who will offer Shiatsu massage treatments, and raise your conscious and vibration with Rise and Shine, a healer who can harmonize and cause positive shifts in your life!

The uninitiated are invited to come and rejuvenate themselves at the Tibetan Singing Bowl, Yoga or Qi-Gong workshops, and then enjoy a healthy delicious meal prepared with love by one of the nutritious food exhibitors.  

The show is put on by Healthy Festivals Corp. (HFC), an Ontario not-for-profit corporation, with the stated objective to ‘advance the public awareness and appreciation of living healthier, both personally and in the environment, by providing educational exhibitions, lectures, festivals, and expo’s relating to individual well-being’.  Jane Kabarguina, HFC Secretary (also a volunteer), healed her eyesight by learning eye tension-releasing techniques, reading and studying eye-healing/blindness, and applying what she learned to her condition. 

As President (and a volunteer), Patricia healed herself and understands that the journey for healing requires support, encouragement, and love from people experienced and qualified in the healing industry. 

She explains about her path to better health; “I was diagnosed with a pituitary tumour in 1988. One of the many symptoms I had was experiencing no menstrual period for 3 years, which the doctors considered ‘normal’. I was tired all the time, couldn’t lose the many extra pounds that I was carrying around, excreted breast milk, and basically, I really didn’t feel well. Having spent 3 days at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, the head endocrinologist told me that my prolactin level was the highest he had ever seen, and without an operation and medication (prescription pills) for life, I would never heal. Thank goodness my friend, who had just cured her cancer, had given me a book by Louise Hay entitled You Can Heal Your Life. That was it! I returned to Toronto and started treatments with homeopaths, naturopaths, therapists, went vegetarian (now raw-vegan), got rid of my stress (by divorcing my husband), and made appointments with anyone and everyone who I thought could help. This included weekly check-ups with Dr. Zoltan Rona, M.D., who I mainly credit with ‘curing’ me.  Within six months, my menstrual period returned! I did it! I’m not sure what specific treatment was responsible for my healing, perhaps a combination, but I was healed! Thank you, Dr. Rona!”

Says Patricia, “Toronto is blessed to have so many wonderful healers, products, and services dedicated to your health and well-being. Admission to the festival is FREE to the public which makes it accessible to everyone.”As the late, great master healer Dr. Leo Roy, M.D., N.D., co-founder of the Naturopathic College, used to tell his sick patients, “There are no incurable diseases, only incurable people”


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