The Seduction of Outdoor Toronto

Fun Summer Dates in the City

Summer is a great time to explore the open air. The warmth and beauty of the season inspire romance. People in sandals and clothes revealing details that for months were hidden by winter garb: all the exposed skin evokes a little more friskiness and desire. Summer dates are a good time to rekindle the flames and to reconnect in different intimate ways, enjoying the outdoors as our bodies feel freed by the sun and warm, hot air.

Shared experiences are the best way to deepen a connection through exploring new places, ideas, feats or delicacies. Dinner and a movie is always a reliable plan, but making it a different kind of dinner takes the rendezvous up a notch. Picnics are always a treat and you can prepare one inexpensively yourself or pick up something to go from one of the many fabulous restaurants, caterers or farmer’s markets in Toronto.  Even in your own backyard, a candlelit dinner outside always feels special. A little beyond, there are so many great parks and outdoor spaces awaiting that you can plan a new spot every week and still not have taken in the full array of opportunities offered by our fair city by the end of summer. In addition to the amazing smaller parks, some popular spots include Ireland Park, Toronto Island (complete with a clothing-optional beach if that is your thing), Sunnybrook Park trails, Ashbridges Bay, Harbourfront’s music garden, and the beaches to name a few. If you want to venture for a day out of town, there is plenty awaiting you there as well.

Creating a Pleasure-Based Picnic

Start with an old-fashioned picnic basket for that special romantic flavour. Skip the paper plates, plastic and napkins and go for regular dishes, glasses, cutlery and cloth napkins. It creates less waste and feels so much more seductive. If you are walking a long distance, then picnic bags are an excellent investment that contain all you need for supplies. Make sure to bring a few candles (and matches!), a cutting board for cheese, a large blanket (especially if you are sitting near sand or goose habitat), and a small bouquet of flowers (not from someone else’s garden). Even a cluster of dandelions add a nice touch! Bring a board or card game or a ball to play together. Make sure that the picnic includes a few finger foods that you can feed each other or if comfortable nibble off each other’s body- place a bite on your partner’s stomach and eat it off their body while telling them not to move or laugh for an extra fun challenge. Bring along a feather, a string of beads from the dollar store, and a scarf. Play in a publicly-acceptable way by dragging these and your hands along each other’s bodies over clothes to build excitement until you get to a private place where you can get a little more intimate.

To combine your picnic with other activities under the stars, watch for outdoor movie options at places such as Dundas Square or the Open Roof Festival  If you prefer theatre, the Dream in High Park is a popular option for a Shakespearean performance. Some might find it extra romantic to rub mosquito repellent on each other which is often necessary at this venue. Or install yourself ahead of a fireworks display- always a good allusion to the passion you feel for one another.

Break Routines

Adventuring into the non-conventional  however, is generally the most exciting and memorable way to spend a date together. Alternate who plans the next outing. See if your partner can guess where you are headed while you are en route- this can add a little more playful tension as long as your partner is game. And it always feels so much more special when a surprise is planned- no matter how simple or elaborate the event.  If you are in the dating scene, you will get extra points for suggesting something a little more creative than the standard.

Pushing our edges a little generates a more connected and intimate feeling through a shared experience. The resulting adrenaline rush boosts our libido and makes us feel closer to one another.   There are so many outdoor adventures in the city in the summer that you can explore together. Learn a new skill at the salsa festival or check out stars at the observatory at York University on Wednesday nights.  Try a helicopter ride, rent a powerboat or kayak at Harbourfront and travel to or around the Island. For the truly adventurous, plan an exciting outing of hot air ballooning, skydiving, roller-coaster riding or go-karting.

Whatever your summer entails, plan at least two fun, different, edgy and sexy outdoor adventures, or more if you have the time. The added effort will pay off easily in increased intimacy, pleasure and memories. And you won’t miss out on the great open-air opportunities offered by a fabulous city!



Carlyle Jansen is the founder of Good For Her, a sexuality shop and workshpo centre in Toronto. If you have questions or comments she can be reached at or go online to

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