The Gummi Bear Square-Off

Surf Sweets vs. Carnaby

Culturally iconic gummy bears have been a much-loved treat around the world since their inception nearly 90 years ago. Today there are more gummy bear options than ever, so there is no reason to choose a brand made with artificial ingredients. Carnaby Sweet Gummy Bears contain artificial flavours and colours, and corn syrup most likely sourced from genetically modified corn.



Savvy Alerts:

Corn syrup (potential GMO)

Artificial flavours

Artificial colours (including tartrazine)


Artificial Colours:

Currently in Canada, food packaging is only required to list the term ‘colour’ in the ingredients rather than specifying which particular colour or colour combination is included. This poses a health challenge for those with sensitivities to particular dyes. Artificial dyes can trigger hyperactivity in kids and have been linked to allergic reactions, asthma, eczema and even cancer.


Savvy Pick:

Surf Sweets takes the junk out of junk food. Their juicy, fruity Gummy Bears are made with organic fruit juice and organic sugars, and are fortified with vitamin C. Above all, Surf Sweets avoids risky coal tar dyes and instead uses natural colours, such as organic black carrot juice concentrate and organic turmeric.


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