The Growing Urban Green Movement

Three Home Garden Options

Have you ever tasted a freshly cut herb or sprout? Picked an organic tomato fresh from the vine? Fresh backyard herbs, greens and vegetables are so exceptionally different than ones you buy at the store and in a package. Homegrown greens are crunchy, sweet, delicious and contain the pure taste of freshness. We can grow them to be free from chemicals and maintain the earth’s special flavours that don’t get lost in long-distance transportation. Growing your own greens and veggies inside your home is the ultimate way to eat locally.

Growing your own herbs, micro-greens and sprouts can be made easily available and accessible no matter what size or space you have. There is a growing urban movement that encourages gardens in small spaces that include micro-green growing in apartments, balconies and vertical gardens, small-plot intensive gardening (SPIN) to full-blown farms in your very own backyard. No matter if you live on a small or large property there are several creative ways to green your space.

1. Grow Small With Home Sprouting Kits:

Whether you decide to buy a kit designed for sprouting or get rustic on your own by using a mason jar and cheesecloth, sprouting in jars is the most affordable way to sprout and takes up no space at all. You can have a constant supply of varied sprouts from alfalfa to sunflower using simple supplies; a jar, seeds, and any mesh-like material to act as a screen for water to drain, such as cheesecloth. The rest just involves a small bit of your time, sunshine, and care. You’ll be sure to save yourself time and money at the grocery store. Here is a great source for your first sprouting adventure: Available at the Big Carrot.

2. Grow Big or Grow Home:

Young Urban Farmers (YUF) is a Toronto-based company that helps you to grow your own food and one of my favourite resources for urban growing. They are a reliable and fresh young movement that are putting food forward! They can get you set up with your very own bed of greens in your back or front yard, raised boxes or even small planter pots for indoors. All of which can produce everything from a full edible garden to a single parsley plant that you can likely harvest for most of the year.

3. Grow Installed with the Urban Cultivator:

This new fancy toy that has hit the marketplace is one of the best new and easiest ways for homeowners and chefs to have access to a variety of herbs and micro-greens all year long. This self-contained growing box is not only beautifully designed but gives you variety and makes it fun to harvest at home. I am honoured to feature one in my food studio, come and visit!

With any of these options, you will not only save time by not travelling to the grocery store, but you will also save your money. To have greens and sprouts regenerate and available to you in your own home is the easiest way to access local nutrients in an urban dwelling.



Marni Wasserman is Culinary Nutritionist  & Health Strategist at Toronto’s First Plant Based Food Studio. Opening in April 2013.

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