The Best of Gluten Free Garage

Lily's Top Treats

The Gluten Free Garage is back at the Artscape at Wychwood Barns on May 1st. We asked gluten-free expert (and daughter of the founder, RonniLyn Pustil) Lily,  what her favourite treats from the show are:

Macarons from AG Macarons – “These macarons are so pretty and colourful and delicious. They are my favourite fancy French treat because they are trés bon!"

Popsicle from Augie’s Ice Pops – "Summer’s coming and these are the best, most fruity and juicy popsicles!"

Cinnamon bun from Bunners – “Bunner’s cinnamon buns are so creamy and dreamy! I especially love the mini bun because I don’t have to share it with my little sister."

Spaghetti from Italpasta – “My mom makes the best spaghetti and meatballs and she always uses Italpasta spaghetti. If I couldn’t have pasta, I don’t know what I would do."

Joe’s Gluten-Free Pierogies – “I love sweet things but these pierogies are the bomb! I never had a pierogi before and I was blown away by how good they were! My favourite are the potato and cheddar cheese."

MadeGood granola bar (chocolate chip) – “For a long time I couldn’t eat granola bars and all my friends had them at school and I always wanted one. MadeGood chocolate chip granola bars are the best! There’s a reason they’re called MadeGood!"

Pickles from Mighty Fine Brine – “I LOVE pickles. And these are made in Toronto, so that’s kind of cool!"

Neal Brothers Organic Kettlecorn  – “My mom says popcorn is a healthier snack. I love the flavours of this popcorn. Other popcorns are so plain."

Pink sprinkle donut from Tori’s – “You can’t compare Tori’s pink sprinkle donut to any other donut. It wins!"

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