The Benefits of Kangen Water

Ionized and Alkaline

There seems to be some confusion in the health industry about the health benefits of drinking alkaline water. It’s easy to make alkaline water by just adding some baking soda to any water.  In fact, this is what the companies that sell bottled alkaline water do. This type of alkaline water is neither natural nor beneficial and can even be harmful. An over-consumption of those inorganic minerals can lead to deposits like gallstones and kidney stones.


There’s another way to make alkaline water and it’s a process called electrolysis or ionization. This is when water is passed over titanium plates that are covered in platinum where it then receives an electrical charge to create hydrogen. This high amount of hydrogen is what makes the water more alkaline, not the added minerals. This process is as natural as when a body of water is struck by lightning, a waterfall or spring. It changes the properties of the water from dead water to living water.


During the process of ionization, alkaline water gains an excess number of electrons. It becomes an extremely potent antioxidant. This enhanced water now has a greater antioxidant capacity than a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Drinking this alkalized, antioxidant water on a regular basis can help to reduce inflammation, pain, disease, and other symptoms of free radical damage.


Our blood is supposed to be at 7.36 PH – slightly alkaline. When we eat acidic foods, get stressed and drink alcohol our system can become overly acidic. Our bodies then use alkaline buffers (calcium, magnesium, potassium) from our muscles and bones to keep the blood neutral. This leads to bone density issues and increased acidity in the body. Over time, these buffers get used up drastically and we start to show signs of aging like wrinkles, lack of flexibility, loss of memory, low energy, lower immune system, digestive problems and inflammation. Almost every disease is associated with inflammation, which is caused by toxins and acid overload. According to Dr. Otto Warburg, the worst of them is cancer, which thrives in an acidic environment.


There are some people who still think that it is safe to drink distilled and reverse osmosis water, claiming there are no potential health risks, although there is never any supporting data associated with these claims, only to the contrary. Sure, it's pure. But at what cost? The World Health Organization released a report stating that such water "has a definite adverse influence on the human organism". The report goes on to say “low mineral water was responsible for an increased elimination of minerals from the body." Drinking alkaline ionized water provides an abundance of alkaline minerals which help to neutralize acidic wastes in your body. Almost all water that is sold in a plastic container is acidic and was bottled, on average, a year prior to your purchase! Gee I wonder where it's been? Think about it!


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