Swap Out Diets, Swap In Self-Care

Try Acceptance and Respect

Looking ahead at the fresh calendar year feels exciting, doesn’t it? Regardless of your stance on resolutions, a new year is an opportunity to set intentions and goals and to think big about your future.


If weight loss is at the top of your list for 2018, I recommend you reflect on your dieting history. Has counting carbs, exclusively eating ‘clean’ foods or a total lifestyle overhaul truly worked? Were you left feeling peaceful and at ease with food? Or did the adaptation your new ‘healthy’ diet come at the cost of your quality of life, relationships and mental health?


Here’s the thing – the majority of people who intentionally lose weight will regain it over time, and as many as two-thirds will ultimately regain more weight than they lost.


This year, I’d like to offer you an alternative to the pursuit of weight loss. I invite you to accept and respect your body as it is today. Why? To put it simply: we do not take good care of things we dislike.


Instead of setting unattainable and inauthentic resolutions, grab a notebook and redefine what health means to you, separate from weight loss. In doing so, you’re making way for sustainable self-care practices that help you to feel your best.


These lists could include self-care activities such as:


  • Developing a self-care nourishment plan. Create a list of meals and snacks that you could eat when you are under a lot of stress.

  • Mini-meditation or simply tuning out to the relaxing sounds at www.calm.com.

  • Unplug for an hour – switch everything to airplane mode.

  • Make time for your people – the ones who support, accept and encourage you just the way you are.

  • Deep breathe – take three deep breaths.

  • Stretch it out. Google gentle stretch routine.

  • Write out your thoughts. Journal for 15 minutes on anything bothering you.

  • Go for a walk – without your phone.

  • Set boundaries. Say no to extra responsibilities when you feel overwhelmed.

  • Have a self-date. Spend an hour alone doing something that recharges your batteries.


The benefits of creating and prioritizing sustainable self-care practices include:


  • Building resilience in the face of your stressors, so you can better cope with challenges.

  • Being able to refocus, faster. Breaks have been shown to help you perform better.

  • Boosting your health & happiness. Self-care has been shown to improve immunity, digestive ability, and feelings of calm.


There’s no one or “right” way to “do” self-care. You get to decide what self-care looks like for you. What matters most is that you’re showing up for yourself consistently and compassionately.


I wish you a year free from harmful weight loss resolutions and rich in true well-being: you deserve it!


Claire LeGresley is here to help you rediscover your relationship with food. No experience required, we start where you are. For more information, please visit www.clairelegresleyrhn.com

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