An Om T.O Yoga Studio Partner


Om T.O. is Toronto’s best outdoor summer yoga event celebrating the Summer Solstice. It  takes place at the Distillery District on June 21st from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eight of Toronto’s top yoga studios will each be offering 40 minute classes throughout the day.

Spynga will be hosting the seventh session of that day at 3:20 to 4:00 and the instructor is Sari Nisker-Fox.

“It’s amazing to spend a day with hundreds of open-hearted yogis all over the city (and beyond), practicing, listening to great tunes, shopping, eating and just hanging!” said Sari Nisker-Fox. “It’s a wonderful way to experience some of the city’s inspiring yoga teachers and their styles at a Toronto landmark.”

Spynga® The Yoga and Cycling Studio is the first of its kind to spotlight two exercise modalities, cycling and yoga, and combine them into one hybrid workout for maximum benefits. Spynga's philosophy is about living authentically. They are a community-oriented bunch with a platform for all who are intrigued and interested to explore and remember the deeper aspects of the self through the thrilling art of indoor cycling (a.k.a. spinning) and the ancient practice of yoga and thus live a more balanced, healthy and enriched transparent existence.  

Spynga is an eclectic family who all find their own happy place within the breadth of health and wellness that is Spynga.