Sosnicki Organic Farm

Fresh Strawberries

At Sosnicki Organic Farm, the philosophy is simple:  “farming practices should leave the soil, air, water, plant life, animals and people healthier – and happier.”  They are an organic small family farm with 100 acres of 30 different crops, who made the switch from conventional to organic over 10 years ago.  Customers can rest assured that when they buy from Sosnicki, the produce has been cared for to ensure superior quality and freshness.

One of their most popular crops during the summer season is their strawberry.  A favourite of many, the strawberry is often lauded not only for its sweet, yet tart flavour, but also for its benefits to our health – including lowering the risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. This nutritional powerhouse is a delicious and refreshing treat as the weather heats up.

Sosnicki Organic Farm strawberries can be purchased at farmers’ markets (both year round and seasonal) across the city including the Dufferin Grove Organic Farmers’ Market, the Brickworks Farmers’ Market and the Wychwood Green Farmers’ Market.

Categories: Food & Nutrition