The Secret To Healthy Skin, Nails and Hair

Often referred to as the beauty mineral, silica is essential for healthy hair, as well as strong teeth, bones, and nails. Silica is found in some fruits, vegetables and whole grains; however, most people fail to eat enough healthy foods that supply the silica our bodies need. This is where supplementation comes into play. But before you run out and grab the first bottle you see, be forewarned that not all silica is equal. Silica comes in different forms. Silicon Dioxide is the form of silica found in glass and sand and is difficult for our bodies to digest. On the other hand, orthosilicic acid is the water-soluble form of silica found in plants. This is the form best absorbed by our bodies to create connective tissue, as well as the ever-coveted healthy skin, hair and nails.

Have you ever seen someone older whose skin looks enviously perfect? It’s probably because their collagen levels are high. Collagen is the binding element that literally holds your body together; however, as we age, it deteriorates and loses elasticity. The result? Loose skin, thinning hair and brittle nails. Plentiful collagen stores give our skin that youthful glow and the elasticity to help prevent wrinkles. And guess what? Silica is one of the main building blocks for collagen. A number of scientific studies have shown that silica plays a crucial role in collagen synthesis and bone density. One UK study of 2847 people found a positive connection between silicon and increased bone density. Silica (or silicon) intake was correlated with a 9.6% increase in bone mineral density at hip sites in premenopausal women and a 4.3% increase for men. The average daily intake in these studies was approximately 25 mg per day.1

Now that we know what silica is, and how beneficial it is for our bodies, let’s discuss the best kind to take for optimal results. Spring horsetail is one of the best plant sources of orthosilicic acid – that’s the water-soluble form. When orthosilicic acid is extracted from the horsetail plant using a gentle hot water process, the impurities are removed while the important trace minerals that aid absorption remain intact. Supplementing with a high-quality silica product could be the missing link between you and the long, strong, lustrous hair you never thought possible.    

1. Jugdaohsingh R, Tucker KL, Qiao N, et al. Dietary silicon intake is positively associated with bone mineral density in men and premenopausal women of the Framingham Offspring cohort. J Bone Miner Res. 2004;19:297–307.

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