Seven Suggestions


You may love and eagerly anticipate Valentine’s Day's arrival every year. If that is so, then hopefully you will continue to celebrate the occasion with enthusiasm, finding ways to show your love. If you are one of those who resents the mandatory buy-something-nice-and-have-sex day however, then here are some ideas for you – whether you are partnered and wish to spend it with a lover, or want to avoid the V-day craze and create your own version of fun.  

Watch a Movie Choose a documentary or thriller or drama – anything but a rom-com. Go out to the theatre or download/ stream/ rent something at home. Stimulate your emotional pleasure centres with a thought-provoking film or inspirational story or just enjoy being entertained. Revel in the moment without the pressure of making it sexy and intimate.  

Do Something Touristy Valentine’s Day is a great day to explore the city by visiting a tourist attraction. So often we only do those things when someone is visiting and we are playing tour guide. Take yourself on a tour instead. Pretend you are in a new city! What would you find interesting to explore? Museum or art gallery? Boat or bus tour? Check out the listings in your local paper for special events going on at the time. We often miss those local opportunities and seek them out only when travelling.   


Go Live When was the last time you went to a comedy club or checked out some live music? If it has been more than 6 months, then you are overdue. Spend the evening laughing at hysterical improv skits or swaying to your favourite style of music. Check out a burlesque show where they take care of the sexy vibe for you. The night will be memorable not because of what day it is but because of the different kind of fun you had. And all the pressure is off of you to create the entertainment for the night.  

Get Creative Do something crafty- solo or with a partner and / or friend(s). Go to a painting cafe where they have all the materials and you can take home your chef-d'oeuvre and leave the mess behind. Collaborate on a masterpiece together or make your own. Or jam together making music. Create a new delicious dish. Bake a different recipe for decadent dessert.  Invent a new cocktail (make sure you have a way home without driving!)

Work Out  Go to the gym, try rock climbing, or enjoy your favourite sport. For a more relaxed evening go for a walk somewhere new, perhaps exploring a new neighbourhood. Or put on your favourite music playlist and dance up a storm in your living room. Have a snowball fight, build a snow creature or go tobogganing. Take advantage of all that winter has to offer! 

Have a Party Invite others for dinner or games night. Make sure you include your single friends who may also be looking to escape V-day. Have a potluck, order in take-out or create something to share. Charades, Taboo, Avalon, Cards Against Humanity are all fun games that will have you laughing and learning about yourself and each other while forgetting all about what day it is and its expectations. Play at home or go out to a storefront that has all the games already there for you and your group to borrow while you eat, drink and play.  

Take advantage of a free night to have sex  So many people complain that they don't have time for friends or lovers or even for sex. Make a sex date if you want- with yourself or a partner, not because you are supposed to, but because you want to. If the fancy does not strike you in the moment, have a non-sexual backup plan such as others listed above to dispel the pressure to perform.

There is no right or wrong way to enjoy a high-pressure day like Valentine's Day. The important thing is to choose what you wish to do rather than feeling pressured to purchase or do something sexy because it happens to be the14th and not the 13th. That is what love is about.

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