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Shaya: An Odyssey of Food

Does Tonic Cookbook Reviewer Naomi Bussin really recommend a hybrid journal/cookbook that covers both Middle-Eastern and Italian cuisines? Read here to find out.

Israeli Soul

This month, Tonic Cookbook Reviewer Naomi Bussin covers Israeli Soul - a cookbook that evokes the spirit of the country in addition to providing great recipes.

Six Seasons

Did you know that there are six seasons, not four? According to the cookbook reviewed by Tonic's Naomi Bussin, recipes can be categorized accordingly. Read here to find out great recipes for "late Summer"

Dining In

Does Tonic Cookbook reviewer, Naomi Bussin, think we have anything to learn from younger authors? The answer is a resounding yes!. Read here to learn about why you should pick up Alison Roman's cookbook.

A Full Indian Dinner

Trying to make a "Full Indian Dinner" when you've never done it before can be daunting. So Tonic Cookbook Reviewer Naomi Bussin referred to Meera Sodha latest recipes for guidance and inspiration.

Cookbooks r Us

If you want to find that perfect holiday present for your favourite home cook, look no further. Tonic Cookbook reviewer, Naomi Bussin has some great suggestions for you. Read here.


This month Tonic Cookbook Reviewer, Naomi Bussin, samples recipes from across Canada from Feast, a cookbook which celebrates our Nation's 150 birthday. Which province has the best local cuisine? Read here to find out.

Salad Daze

Tonic Cookbook Reviewer Naomi Bussin loves her salads. So reviewing the latest book from the Food52 website that focuses on salads as meals was no problem at all. Read here to find out if you should buy this cookbook.