Rolling Meadow Dairy

“We believe that all good things take time and that the great things are worth waiting for.”  This is the focus behind Rolling Meadow Dairy, a company which prides itself on offering premium quality products made with 100% Canadian grass fed milk.  They ensure that their cows graze on pasture for as long as the weather will allow.

For this company, they thoroughly believe in quality over quantity. Research around grass fed dairy products is starting to emerge and has revealed significantly better omega 6 : omega 3 ratios and additional vitamin content.

“One of the benefits of the milk is it tastes ‘richer’ than conventional milk. As research around grass fed dairy becomes more widespread, I expect we’ll see not only more nutrient rich milk, but emerging information around the positive effects on animal health as well,” says President and CEO Matthew Von Teichman.

Be sure to pick up their milk, yogurt and butter while on your next grocery shop.  For more information and where to buy their products, visit their website at


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