Revitalizing Your Pet Routine

It’s Time for Change

Spring has (finally!) sprung, and with it comes thoughts of Spring cleaning. So many of us use this season as an opportunity to overhaul our homes, inside and out. Why not also take this seasonal shift as a time to cleanse and revitalize ourselves and our families? Winter slows us down with its colder temperatures and warm, comfort food. Time to kick it up a notch as the days get longer and flowers begin to bloom.

When cleaning your home, you don’t just take the vinegar to the outside windows that have been sorely neglected (err, covered in snow) for months, you likely switch up your clothing. If you’re anything like me, you store your winter coats and boots and replace them with Spring attire. Give your fur buddy the same attention by swapping out any heavy winter coats for thinner ones. Longer days mean longer walks and you don’t want Fido overheating. Thinner rain jackets will keep him dry without adding too much warmth.

If Spring cleaning in the literal sense isn’t on your radar, who can blame you really? Maybe you’d rather use this change of season to cleanse your body. Detoxifying your body is a great way to say goodbye to winter’s heavy, comfort foods, and welcome back local, fresh vegetables and lighter meals. As you look at your dietary habits, review those of your fur babies as well. We can get so caught up in our daily routines that we forget that their dietary habits change as they get older. Ensure you are feeding your dogs the right food for their age, breed and activity levels. If you do decide to make a switch, be sure to make the transition slowly, and seek the advice of your vet if needed.  

Any change in season is the optimal time to shake up your daily routine. Our canine companions are big fans of routine so I’m not suggesting any major upsets. We all tend to hibernate a little more during our Canadian winter months; now is the time to ensure we slot in extra time with our canine companions who have likely been a tad cooped up. It gets light outside earlier, so try grabbing a mug of cleansing green tea and going for a longer dog walk before heading to work. If it’s not yet dark when you get home from the office, shift dinner a half hour later to allow more time at the dog park. Your dog will love it, and your body will thank you for the fresh air.

Kathryn Anderson is a health enthusiast, fitness instructor, avid traveller and animal-lover who loves inspiring others to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Find her online at

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