Practice Your Goals as You Practice Yoga

5 Ways to Double Down on Your Resolutions

The ancient yogis ensured that personal growth was intrinsic to the yoga practice as a whole, including the physical practice. As resolution season approaches, this is a golden opportunity to not only tune-up our bodies on the yoga mat, but to reaffirm and connect to our goals for 2020.  

Here are ways to double down in yoga to dial-up and fuel those dreams daily!


1. A Clear Vision

Begin each yoga practice with moments of stillness and breath. Tune into every breath to help bypass the busy mind and move inwards. When our internal dialogue is quieter, we can more easily see and hear the desires in our hearts. Infuse your goals into your intentions for the practice ahead. 


2. Feel Our Future Feelings

From the heart space, imagine what future feelings we will experience once we reach our goal! If a goal is a beach vacation, generate the feeling of relaxation on the sandy beach. If a goal is to finish a project, generate the feeling of accomplishment or pride. Science shows that the brain can’t tell if what we are experiencing is real or in our imagination. Positive thoughts and visualizations convey positive body language, and we become more resourceful and energetic in this state!


3. Stay Present to Challenge

When the legs burn in Warrior II, or we struggle to stay standing in tree pose, stay awake to discomfort or frustration that may arise. Expecting obstacles and learning curves expand awareness of our inner narratives. Compassion and becoming our own cheerleader will help keep our commitment to our goals in difficult moments.


4. Reflect & Proceed

A child’s pose serves as a time to pause and check in with our breath, body, and energy level so we authentically know what we are up for next. The pursuit of a goal is no different. A pause between actions gives us a chance to assess what’s working and where to go next!


5. Surrender, Honour & Gratitude

Savasana (rest pose) teaches us about the concept of pursuit. “Being” is the other side of “doing” and the chance to honour the efforts we put forth. By being, we can also surrender to the mystery of how our desires will unfold. There are many factors at play; our daily attitude, thoughts, and actions are the part that we have a say in. Gratitude for all we have TODAY transforms our mindset into a state of abundance and instantly moves us from a place of

fear into a place a possibility! If we can take up residence in what’s possible, we boost the chances of reaching our goal and learning about ourselves along the way! That is the essence of personal growth!

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Sari Nisker-Fox is a yoga and mindfulness teacher, speaker, holistic life and purpose coach, and entrepreneur. Sari brings mindfulness and self-care practices into corporations, wellness studios, and homes sharing how living well is possible. As co-creator of The Yoga

Weekend retreat and a supporter of annual wellness events in Toronto, Sari’s love for building community and inspiring ways to live a present life through movement, mindset, and purpose is at the core.

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