Play With Your Food

Spice Up Your Sex Life - Literally!

We all need to eat, and lots of us enjoy having sex, so why not combine the two? Food can enhance the sensual pleasures of erotic play and give delicious, and juicy ideas for what you want on your sexual play menu- besides your partner! Here are some ways to make food a part of your sexual adventures:

Blindfold and tease: Cover your partner’s eyes and seduce your lover with food, taste and texture. Help your partner to relax and enjoy the flavours or make them work for it- finding food on your body or following your instructions on where to put their mouth, or asking them to lick it off your fingers or somewhere racier.

Eat with your hands: A messy option is really fun for those who don’t mind getting sticky (outside is a great location to minimize cleanup). Feed yourselves or each other in a playful or sensual, slow or other mutually satisfying way. The mood will vary depending on what foods you choose and how you eat them. Spaghetti is good for when you really want to get dirty, otherwise standard finger foods are still lots of fun. 

Eat off your partner: Jello, sushi, fruit such as cherries or juicy mangoes, cheese, oysters, yogurt, liqueur, honey, avocado, pudding, and of course the traditional chocolate sauce or whipped cream all make a delicious buffet on someone’s body.  You can also sprinkle jello powder or powdered candy to lick off. Just be careful not to put anything inside the body. 

Eat in the dark: Leave the lights off and eat in the dark. Of course this can lead to a different kind of mess when things get knocked over. If you live in Toronto, you can go to O.NOIR (, a restaurant where they turn off the lights. The staff are blind and able to navigate in the darkness while you enjoy a unique sensual date night. 

Physical sensations: Using the textures of food on your partner’s body can be very stimulating. Long licorice strips can be dragged over the body or used as a sensual whip before eating it. Uncooked spaghetti gives a scratchier sensation. Green beans, lettuce, rambutan, lychee, dragonfruit all have interesting textures that can tantalize the skin. Really anything is worth a try!

Breath mints, Hall’s cough drops, hot tea, popsicles and ice cubes can add temperature to the experience. Make your own ice cubes or popsicles with juice, and/or yogurt and even small slices of fruit inside. Put them in your mouth or directly on your partner’s body. Pop rocks candies that you likely enjoyed as a kid can be used in new adult ways as they make a popping sensation and sound in your mouth while you kiss your partner.  Bubbles in champagne or other bubbly drinks also give tingles on more sensitive spots.

Take it up a notch with some tingly oils. Too intense to use directly on the skin, add few drops of cinnamon, peppermint, wintergreen or spearmint oil to some massage oil such as coconut or grapeseed.  Start with a ratio of 1:20 or more.  But test it first on the inside of the arm, then the inner thigh and less sensitive genital areas before putting it anywhere inside or on more sensitive spots. And like spicy foods that accentuate over time, these oils can heat up gradually so take some time before adding more. Friction usually also intensifies the sensations, so go easy on any rubbing at the beginning. Any open sores or more delicate tissue such as what many women experience after menopause will feel more- perhaps too intense- so pay attention and avoid or go more lightly to the areas where you are applying.  If you are feeling really adventurous and don’t mind a little edgy play à la 50 shades, some folks like a little diluted tabasco sauce! In the event that any of these sensations are too strong, don’t rinse off in the shower. Just like spicy food that becomes more intense with the addition of water, so do these  oils placed on the skin. Add some massage oil or aloe instead to decrease the intensity and soothe the area. 

The Power of Seduction: Suck suggestively on a lollipop, ice cream cone, popsicle or anything else while maintaining eye contact. Eating small bites is generally sexier than large ones and doing anything slowly usually is more seductive.  Making suggestive sounds while indulging in the pleasurable tastes will also make the experience that much more exciting for both you and a partner. 

Location: Put down a large blanket thick enough to prevent food and liquids from getting on the bed (or wherever you decide to play). Liberator Throes are awesome waterproof yet sensually decadent blankets that allow you to relax rather than worrying about the cleanup. 

The shower is a practical and fun place to play. Try a whipped cream fight in the shower and see who gets more covered. We often forget to wrestle, tease and play as we leave our younger days and it can be a very exciting way to start out a sexual encounter. A private place outdoors where you can feel confident in not being interrupted is another practical location with minimal cleanup required. Make sure you have water on hand though to cleanse your palate, quench your thirst and make sure you can get rid of any stickiness where it feels uncomfortable. 

Really anywhere, anytime and anyhow you choose can be fun to play with food. Add it to your list of sexy  date night ideas or when you are looking for inspiration on how to dazzle your partner. It will add a whole new dimension to a “dinner date”.