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Role Models to the Rescue

We all have goals we are working towards. Some are bigger than others, but they are all relative to our confidence in getting to the desired result. One way to accelerate our progress to meet our goals is to have one or more role models. While all role models have certain things in common, every role model is ultimately unique in their appeal to you. There are three groups of role models you can easily access:

  1. Friends or family: You likely have at least one friend or family member who has achieved some of what you want to achieve. People in this group are often dismissed because they are so close to us, but that would be a mistake. You will likely have more access to them at little or no cost and they can give you real-world insights that may be more applicable than the sometimes cushy lives of celebrities.


  1. Celebrities: In the last five years, the pool of celebrities you can choose from as role models has expanded enormously, in part due to social media, giving you more access to those you have always followed as well as the celebrities made by social media. Keep in mind that celebrities of any kind come with a “buyer-beware” footnote. What looks good in a magazine or on a tablet screen may or may not reflect reality (i.e. Photoshop) and actors that are paid to look good and are supplied with full-time personal trainers have an advantage over those of us that have to squeeze exercise into comparatively tighter slots of time.


  1. Professionals: Sandwiched somewhere between friends and celebrities are professionals. This includes people who have achieved what you are working towards, or those who have the requisite education to provide you with the guidance you need. Specific professionals might include personal trainers, life or business coaches, doctors, nurses and all manner of allied health professionals, depending on what your goal is.

Keep in mind that to have gotten where you are in life, with all the challenges you’ve faced, there's one role model you shouldn’t forget about; that’s you. While you may not have achieved your current goal yet, you have already embodied the strength and resilience in other areas that demonstrates you have what it takes to achieve your next big goal. So next time you’re looking for a role model, look in the mirror.



A speaker, coach and author, and combining over 30 years of fitness and wellness, Rod is the vice president of canfitpro, the largest provider of education in the Canadian fitness industry. Overseeing this dynamic 100,000 member organization, Rod continues to propel its growth and position as a leader in the global fitness industry. Rod is a cross-Canada cyclist, NLP Practitioner, RYT 200, Certified Coach Practitioner, and 4-time Ironman finisher. For more information on Rod, visit  and for more information on canfitpro, visit     

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