Pecorino Sardo

Sheep's Milk Cheese


Pecorino Sardo Dolce is made from calf’s rennet, while Maturo is made using lamb’s rennet. Both are made from the milk of sheep that are free-grazing, rather than housed in barns.
Dolce is a young, elastic, white cheese with buttery and floral notes. Maturo is more intense, and full of pleasant pungent and salty flavours. Meat broth notes are often present in the cheese.
Excellent with onion soup and lamb dishes, it is also a basic ingredient in the local dish culingiones, a sort of ravioli with ricotta and herbs. Pair with Dolcetto di Dogliani and Nuragus di Cagliari.




Ilir Pristine is the co-owner of The Cheese Boutique in Toronto.

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