Optimizing October

This Month's Fortune and Fate

Aries- King of Wands, Three of Wands, King of Swords

You have found a great new way to express your creativity.  This month continue to let it pour out of you in new and exciting ways.  You will learn how to take major action in your life, while letting doubt and fear melt away!

Taurus- Three of Cups, The High Priestess, Seven of Pentacles

You have recently been able to communicate your feelings in a new way.  This month, focus on connecting with your growing intuition.  This is the perfect time to plant the seeds for your own fulfillment while watching them grow!

Gemini- Death, Judgment, Two of Cups

You have recently let go of certain aspects in your life that weren’t working.  This month, you will continue to make major changes that will affect the rest of your life.  Through this journey you will end up feeling a stronger connection within yourself than you have ever felt before!

Cancer- Seven of Cups, Ace of Pentacles, Nine of Swords

You have gone through some emotional changes recently.  This month, you will experience a birth of new fulfillment in your life.  This will lead you to be able to put the past pains behind you, while you create new happiness in your life!

Leo- Ten of Pentacles, The Wheel of Fortune, Eight of Swords

You have been enjoying many new and fulfilling experiences lately.  This month, an opportunity will arise that will help catapult you to your next level.  It’s important to take it or the window might close!  Get ready to experience a whole new you!

Virgo- The Lovers, The Hierophant, Eight of Pentacles

You have recently made a new important connection within yourself.  This month, focus on receiving inspiration from outside sources.  This is the perfect time to continue working on any personal projects that have been on your mind!

Libra- The Emperor, Six of Pentacles, The Moon

You have taken new action in your life recently.  This month, focus on the windfall of fulfillment that will come your way.  You will feel more in control and less over-emotional than you ever have before!

Scorpio- Five of Cups, The World, Two of Pentacles

You have been feeling a little rocky lately.  This month, you will feel and realize that the world is your oyster. You are on your way to complete fulfillment!  You will end up feeling more connected than you have felt before!

Sagittarius- Nine of Pentacles, Ten of Swords, The Fool

You have gone through many changes recently.  This month focus on releasing any negative situations in your life that you no longer need.  You are about to begin a new personal journey on a higher level!

Capricorn- Temperance, Four of Cups, Ace of Swords

You have shown a lot of patience lately.  This month, it is important to reevaluate your emotions and how you feel about a specific situation in your life.  You are about to experience a birth of new inspiration!

Aquarius- The Empress, Queen of Swords, Ace of Cups

You have been able to show a new and more compassionate side of yourself.  This month, try to continue that feeling, even if unpleasant situations arise.  This is a great time to discover ways of acting and sharing your feelings in a new and exciting way!

Pisces- Five of Pentacles, King of Cups, The Chariot

You have finally found a way to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  This month, be open and giving with your feelings.  This is the perfect time to take control of a situation, while not letting it take control of you!


Lisa Marvin is a spiritual medium, teacher, and healer.  She owns and operates Metaphysique, Yorkville’s Center for Personal Growth

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