My Little Empire

It all started with a mock-up of a magazine and a little chutzpah. That was back in Spring of 2007. I was still practicing as a commercial litigator, and I thought that given my experience as a columnist, former editor of the law school newspaper, and acting as legal counsel to a magazine publisher, that I somehow possessed the skill set to publish a lifestyle magazine.


To say that my understanding of the demands of publishing was two dimensional is perhaps the greatest understatement of the past fifty years. Practicing law and publishing at the same time? Lunacy. Eventually, I realized that in order to do it right, I’d need to devote all my time to the endeavor. So I gave up my practice.


The growth and popularity of the Internet necessitated the upgrade to our website to allow for articles to be read and shared online. Which begat a social media presence. The true lesson of posting articles online was that our readership and community wanted more than just one way to access information.


I liked the idea of experiential communication so the next step was to produce the OmT.O. event, which in turn led to the Fit For Fall event, which are now in their fifth and third years respectively. It was an off the cuff remark from a guest at the latest Fit For Fall event in September that I “did a nice job of hosting the event” that stirred my creative juices to begin work on the latest piece of my media “empire”, a talk show.


The Tonic” is a half hour weekly talk show that will premier on The Zoomer Radio Network at 1:00pm on Saturday November 11th and be available for download as a podcast on our website, The show will be a distillation of the issues and topics covered in the magazine. I’m very excited about this new channel for communication with you – which complements the print magazine you’re reading, our website and the OmT.O. live events.


I always learn something, when I try something new. In recording the demo I learned that I didn’t love the sound of my voice. But, I think everyone feels that way. And despite my hyper self criticism, the demo was objectively good – or I wouldn’t have been approved to go on air or gather the sponsors. I’m told (and not just by my mother) that I’m a natural for radio. Which I took to mean I have a nice tone and way with words (as opposed to the old line about a “face made for radio”). But I leave that for you to decide.


You are also free to decide what you like about this issue of Tonic. Will it be Joel Thuna and Claude Gallant’s article on preventing prediabetes and Type 2 Diabetes, or perhaps it will be Michael Murchison’s discussion of Cannabis and the female body? Then again you might enjoy Carlyle Jansen’s tips for those venturing back into the dating scene  Or Lisa Greenbaum’s article on the power of fear and how to overcome it might resonate with you. And if you do like those articles, you might also enjoy the interviews with our Tonic writers and special guests on The Tonic. I certainly hope so. As always, if you wish to comment on this note (or the talk show) or anything else you’ve read in this issue of Tonic, please feel free to contact me.

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