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Step Into Silence with Tantrayana Buddhism


Did you know that your mind has incredible natural powers? It’s true. Our mind is like a deep ocean—on the surface things might be choppy, but just beneath there is a deep, calm stillness. There we discover our innate wisdom, profound awareness and ecstatic joy. The beautiful thing is that this is always there. We only need to open the door and enter this space—and there are many doors.

It’s funny that we don’t give attention to the fitness of our mind. We train our body to be fit and healthy; why don’t we train our minds? Western science has put great effort into studying the material world and has achieved incredible results. As much as we have studied the material world, Tibetan Buddhists have studied the immaterial world of the mind and consciousness. They have achieved equally amazing results, developing clear systems for cultivating the mind’s powers.

One of these techniques is mindfulness. It’s no wonder that mindfulness has become a buzzword. It is one solution to many problems. Mindfulness positively affects every aspect of our lives. We improve our relationships, work, health and overall joy. It is a skill and, like all skills, it requires training, but the benefits are priceless. Tulku Lobsang will give clear instructions as well as true inspiration on August 13th. 

But maybe working directly with the mind is not the path for you, so what are other doors to reach the silence of the mind? In the Tantrayana Buddhist tradition, the body is the vehicle of the mind. Certain movement practices can equally tap into the powers of the mind. One such practice is Tog Chöd, the wisdom sword. There is no enemy outside ourselves. We empower ourselves when we face the enemy of our negative emotions and our laziness. Tog Chöd will “cut off your head” and drop you into the present moment, where there are no fears and no expectations. There is only silence. Come experience it for yourself.

To explore more healing methods and wisdom from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, visit Tibetan Love & Health Day. There will be teachings and workshops on Tibetan medicine, yoga, meditation, massage and more led by Tulku Lobsang.

Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche is a true bridge, bringing the ancient traditions into modern application. Distilling the teachings into their essence, his charismatic, humorous style touches hearts and minds. He will be in Toronto August 13 – 16, also offering private health and spiritual consultations. Please visit www.tulkulobsang.org/tourplan for details.

Farrah Garan is a teacher of Lu Jong: Tibetan Healing Yoga and is honoured to introduce Toronto to the profound healing wisdom of Tantrayana Buddhism and Tulku Lobsang’s revolutionary approach to sharing it with the Western world.

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