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Four Common Skincare Questions for the Fellas

Men’s grooming is having a bit of a moment these days. As the focus on self-care and the resurgence of the barbershop culture has shifted, men have been paying more attention to their skin and the products they put on it. So, what’s important to know about men’s grooming?  I caught up with Christina DeLuca, stylist and aesthetician at Toronto’s hugely popular, Mankind Grooming Studio for Men to get the scoop.

What is a skincare tip you often share with your clients? 

Men have thicker skin than women, so I stress how it's important for men to exfoliate more often and up to 5 days a week. I then explain to my clients that they should moisturize while the skin is still damp while the pores are open which helps the products penetrate into the skin making it easier for the ingredients to do their job.

When it comes to men’s skin, what are some of the big issues that men have to deal with?

Ingrown hairs are insanely common; proper shaving routine is essential to prevent this from happening along with a good facial cleansing regime done on a daily basis. Men also tend to have oilier skin than women and don't particularity keep up a regular home care routine, which results in minor to more severe acne, shiny/greasy skin or blackheads built up in a few different areas on their face. 

What is a common mistake that men make when it comes to their skincare routine?

One of the most common mistakes men make is not knowing their skin type. Secondly they are not buying the correct products for their skin type (not every sales person is trained in skin care and skin care products).  Most men fail to use a home care mask. 65% of your facial results come from your home care use. Men tend to rush and rub dry the face – it is important to pat dry the face to prevent premature aging and fine lines. When shaving their face, men often try to take the easy way out and not warm the skin and even dry shave and the skin tends to react negatively to this. Making sure your skin is hot (right after shower) before you shave is essential because this opens the pores and softens the facial hair follicles for easier removal.

What are some must-have products when it comes to shaving/facial hair maintenance and why? 

They must have a decent quality cleanser, a toner to maintain good PH balance/hydration, 
a good exfoliant to remove dead cell buildup on the skin’s surface and a nice moisturizer.  A beard balm and beard comb is good to assist in the style and shape of the beard and to hydrate the hair. A beard oil is filled with great ingredients like argon oil, jojoba oil, rosewood oil, sage oil, avocado oil which all help with the hydration of the beard and the moisturizing of the skin underneath! 

A shave gel or cream, a close shave oil and a nice post shave balm is a must have in the shave routine!


Try this:

Beards and Beavers Buck Naked Beard Oil

Notes of lavender and vanilla bourbon will keep your beard smelling clean and crisp.


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