Best-kept secrets

Goats in the trees? Vegetable silk? A blue village? Where are we??


Morocco, of course! This is the country for adventures in real life – everyday life. Ancient traditions and modern sensibilities blending, colliding… all coming together over a café-au-lait, or an Americano if you prefer.


Morocco deserves top spot on your bucket list. Safe, affordable, and so very close – just seven hours from Montreal, to Casablanca. If you’ve been there and done that, well, it’s time you tried this!


Sahara Desert: Answer the call of the dunes! You’ll be transported back to the days of the trade caravans as you ride into your desert tent camp on a camel. Your camp hosts will have a delicious traditional dinner waiting for you, then entertain you with the songs and music of the Berber people, all under the twinkling stars of an indigo sky.


World’s best saffron: Just a pinch from a little jar and your memories of Morocco will come flooding back! Visiting in November? You just might be able to participate in the harvest, and sit with a community of local women stripping the orangey-red stamens from the purple crocus blooms.


The hammam: Say it:hammam” Feel the “emmms” deep in your chest… Yes! It’s the rhythm of the scrubbing, the aroma of the black soap, the flood of hot water and wafting steam. You’ll never be cleaner… Mmmm!


Breathtaking landscapes: Open the window as you drive, and inhale: sometimes it’s olive oil on the air as you pass through groves of trees heavy with the ripening fruit. Or the perfume of rosa officinalis in the Valley of Roses. If you’re visiting in April, it’s harvest time!


Imperial Cities: Vibrant, exotic, sacred to the world! Four of Morocco’s current or former capitals are not only magnets for lovers of city life, they’re also among Morocco’s nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Rabat, Meknes, Fes, and Marrakech: together, they’re tailor-made for a 10-day or two-week excursion for the time traveller!


See more, do more! Travel with a small group, and travel your way. When you book with a private tourist transportation company, you travel with local experts who speak your language. Your trip is organized around your interests and needs, and built around authentic experiences that are truly life-enriching. Stop dreaming – start packing! It’s Magical in Morocco!

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