Letting go and finding your Strength:

Spring Cleaning at its Best

Are you constantly tired and frustrated by your lack of energy? Do you turn to sugar in the evenings as a reward for getting through another stressful day? Are you feeling burnt out from never actually shutting off?


As well as being undeniably distressing, each of these experiences are signals that some of your needs are being neglected. These needs could be physical – for example not eating enough/regularly throughout the day, not getting enough sleep – or they could be emotional – you aren’t getting enough rest, having fun or setting boundaries.


As we emerge out of winter and step into spring, this time of transition is an opportunity to pause and assess if your basic needs are being met.


Because if you’re struggling with chaotic eating habits, “emotional eating” or eating past the point of comfort – know that it’s really difficult to listen and honour your body’s cues if you are chronically stressed, sleep-deprived and overworked.


How to get your basic needs met


Nutrition: Pack snacks! Every evening, stock your bag with nourishing, blood sugar-balancing snacks. To save time – order your groceries and have them delivered to your door. You can download a list of snack ideas from my website: http://www.clairelegresleyrhn.com/free-resources/


Sleep: Start with setting an intention of when you want to be in bed. For example, if you want eight hours of sleep and you need to wake up at 6:30 a.m., plan to be ready for sleep by 10:30 p.m.  This means you’ll want to start getting ready for bed (meaning – shutting down your electronics) by 10 p.m.


Restorative rest: Schedule relaxing time off your phone/computer, social media and away from all things related to work. Explore activities that feel fun and rejuvenating. You can check out a list of self-care activities here: http://www.tonictoronto.com/February-2018/Prioritize-Your-Pleasure/


Boundaries: Practice saying “no” more often. “Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves, even when we risk disappointing others. We can't base our own worthiness on others' approval. Only when we believe, deep down, that we are enough can we say "Enough!" – Brene Brown


If winter is a time of saying ‘yes’ to warm tea, holiday treats, cozy nights in, Spring is a time of saying ‘no’, gathering the strength and energy you know lies within you and renewing your reservoir of power. It’s time for spring cleaning in the best sense: let go of old dust bunnies, or old beliefs that are no longer serving you and begin practicing habits that help you to flourish.


Claire LeGresley is here to help you rediscover your relationship with food. No experience required, we start where you are. For more information, please visit www.clairelegresleyrhn.com



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