Joey's Healthy Summer Treats

Four Tasty Alternatives


While many people think the wintertime is the season of “weight gain”, June and July are often two of the busiest months at my weight loss clinics.  Why? The warmer weather brings a well deserved “kick back and enjoy” feeling which makes overeating and drinking very easy to do.

Now…I am of course not suggesting to avoid treats and sweets all summer long. By doing so, you will feel deprived and will leave yourself wide open for food binges and unhealthy eating habits. I am however recommending being aware of healthier versions of your favourite treats that are now available in most grocery stores When buying, there are so many fantastic alternatives to enjoy that are lower in calories and fat and higher in protein to fill you up!

A few of my favorites include:


PC Blue Menu Greek Yogurt Smoothie Bars

Where I live, the ice cream truck circles our street playing loud music to attract the kids. While in theory this sounds like fun, the frozen popsicles and ice creams are filled with preservatives, food colouring and tons of sugar (you really have to wonder when you buy ice cream that does not melt)!



So….what is our healthier version? PC has come out with delicious mango Greek yogurt bars! These delicious bars offer creamy and velvety smooth yogurt, are made with pure mango puree and are lower in fat and calories (only 100 calories per bar!). Good for adults and for kids! For more information, visit




Dannon Oikos Key Lime Greek Yogurt 

When it comes to dessert, key lime pie often tops my list. This is why Oikos Key Lime yogurt is yogurt nirvana for me! As a healthier dessert option that is so refreshing over the summer months, this personalized sized treat offers 11 grams of protein at only 160 calories. You can also blend this yogurt with crushed ice (puree on high) and add to popsicle molds for a frozen treat.




Augie’s Gourmet Popsicles

Augie’s Gourmet Popsicles are all handmade using fresh squeezed juice, herbs and zest. Only a pinch of natural honey, maple syrup or pure sugar cane is used to sweeten and flavours range from watermelon, lemon and mint to grapefruit, lime and ginger. For more information, please visit





Skinny Cow Mini Fudge Pops

While everyone is noshing on their ice cream and sundaes this summer, you can also indulge on skinny cow’s mini fudge pops. While I am not a fan of “overdoing it”on these treats– they do help to ward off cravings and over- consuming in the evening. With only 1 gram of fat and 50 calories – this treat will help to keep you swimsuit skinny!







Dr. Joey Shulman is the founder of Skinny Chews – dark chocolaty gluten-free chews for cravings and nighttime eating. For more information, please visit

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