Tonic Toronto - September 2017

Settling Your Pet Into A Routine

September is a time of adjustment for all members of the family, including your pet. Healthy Pet Expert Kathryn Anderson has some tips on making the transition into fall easier for your dog. Read here.

Sex Over 50

A healthy sex life isn't over at age 50. Expert Carlyle Jansen has some excellent suggestions on continuing to have an enjoyable and healthy sex life as we age. Read here.

Have a DIY ‘Spa Day’!

You don't have to go to an expensive spa to get treatments for your skin. Natural Health experts Joel Thuna and Claude Gallant have five recipes for treatments you can try at home. Read here.

Back to work stress:

You want to work out this fall, but you're stressed about finding time to get to the gym. No worries. Local Fitness Expert Nathalie Lacombe has four amazing ideas to get you moving. Read here.

Smoothies 101

Our Natural Health Expert Michelle Pobega is often asked for advice on what to put in a breakfast smoothie. Read here to find out which ingredients you should put in the blender.

The Third Annual Fit For Fall Festival

This summer really hasn’t lent itself to quality outdoor time. However, for those of you who are still looking for your kicks (and bends and twists) “al fresco”,there’s another chance to have yoga fun in the sun. On Sunday, September 10th, Tonic Magazine is hosting the third annual Autumn outdoor yoga festival “Fit For Fall 2017”! Read Here

Managing Your “Sweet Tooth”

Natural Nutrition Expert Claire LeGresley knows that some of us eat when we're stressed out, and when we do, we eat sugary foods. Read here to find out how to break the stress-sugar cycle.

Have a Fantastic Fall

  Aries: Page of Pentacles, Nine of Cups, Three of Cups You have been more open to new ideas lately. This month, you will notice an important emotional shift happening within you. Go with it. You are learning to communicate…