Tonic Toronto - October 2016

Horoscopes - Have an Awesome October

Aries: Seven of Cups, Nine of Wands, Wheel of Fortune You might have made some emotional changes recently. This month, focus on ending certain behaviours that no longer work for you. You will be presented with a new opportunity, and…

Going Global

Lora Maghanoy frequents Toronto's Asian beauty shops. So she knows firsthand the amazing products available. Read here, as she covers the latest trends.

Head Of The Class

Jamie Bussin, is a former commercial litigator, the publisher and editor-in-chief of Tonic Magazine, the creator and host of OmT.O. and Fit For Fall events. And now he is a professional spin instructor. Read here to find out why getting sweaty in front of a group of people on stationary bikes makes him so happy.

Goofy Name, Great Cookbook

Tonic cookbook reviewer, Naomi Bussin, was originally going to write about another book, but she nevertheless decided to share her thoughts on popular author, Angela Liddon's newest vegan recipes. You'll be glad she did.

Boost Your Immune Response

With so many of us finding ourselves getting sick in and around October, health expert, Michelle Pobega, turns her mind to four natural remedies that can boost your immune response and speed up your recovery.

The Dirty Dozen

While buying organic produce is important for your health, not all are created equal. Marni Wasserman has the scoop on the twelve fruits and vegetables that you should make a point of buying organic.


One percent of the population identify as asexual. But most of us don't understand what that means. Sex expert, Carlyle Jansen, busts the myths surrounding this misunderstood orientation.