Tonic Toronto - October 2012

Cutting Out Carbs for Weight Loss

Glycemic Load is an important tool of measurement that can also provide beneficial information on which carbohydrates to eat and which to avoid to loose weight and burn belly fat.

Four Tips For Finding the Perfect Almond

When searching for the perfect almond what should we consumers be looking for? Many of the differences aren't visible to the untrained human eye but the distinctions between all the options available in the market are more than clear when you start to look at the way the almond is grown, harvested and how this affects the nutritional profile on each nut.

Natural Treatments for PMS

Lack of energy, depression, forgetfulness, difficulty sleeping and feeling run down are all symptoms of a deficiency of B12, a key nutrient needed to make red blood cells and DNA and keep the nervous system working properly. Here's the best way to supplement.

Holistic Help for Anxiety Disorders

We're feeling overworked, overstretched and overwhelmed. There’s a lot of talk around the negative impact of stress on health and relationships. Many of us feel as if we just can’t keep up but we keep it to ourselves and just keep trying. This is the tipping point when ‘being stressed’ blossoms into full blown anxiety.

"Go To" Wines

It’s reassuring to have an arsenal of ‘go-tos’ on your wine shopping list when life takes over and you don’t have the leisure of whiling away hours in the LCBO. Here are the Henderson's tried-and-trues.

Optimize Your October

Libra (September 23 - October 23) The Emperor, Six of Pentacles, The Moon You have taken new action in your life recently.  This month, focus on the windfall of fulfillment that will come your way.  You will feel more in…

The Plank 2.0

The plank is great for balancing the front and back core muscles but it is an relatively static movement, and real life in general is not that static. Rod Macdonald will tell you how to tweek the pose in order to get a better work out.

You May Not Be Allergic to Chocolate

There are many people who complain of allergy-like symptoms after eating chocolate. Some of these symptoms include: headaches, itchy mouth, irritation and simply not feeling right. But is it really the chocolate that they are reacting to? Or is it one of the ingredients in the chocolate that is really causing a problem?

Shielding You From Colds and Flu!

The immune army boosting polysaccharides that arm the body's T-cells with the ammo to fight viral and bacterial invaders is one of the medicinally active ingredients of the Echinacea Angustifolia plant.

Five Ways to Give Thanks to the Farmer

Thanksgiving is the time of year when we give thanks for what we have, especially for the food on our table. This year, let's give direct thanks to the farmers who grow our delicious local and organic eats. Lisa Borden has some ideas about how to do just that.

The Family Support Expo

This fantastic consumer show is designed to let people know that they are not alone, that most people will struggle with issues at some point in their lives in some capacity and that there are resources and help out there.