Tonic Toronto - November 2017

My Little Empire

This month Tonic Publisher, Jamie Bussin expands his media "empire" by hosting a talk show on local radio and podcast. He's been told that he's a natural for radio...and not just by his mother.

Treat yourself like a Queen

Did you know that Queen Victoria was given cannabis tincture every month to treat her menstrual cramps. Medical Marijuana expert Michael Murchison explains the historical use and current benefits of cannabis for womens' health issues.

Yoga for Seniors

Local yogi, Jodi Fischtein knows that yoga is for everyone, and that seniors in particular can reap the benefits of a regular practice. Read here to find out the details.


This month Tonic Cookbook Reviewer, Naomi Bussin, samples recipes from across Canada from Feast, a cookbook which celebrates our Nation's 150 birthday. Which province has the best local cuisine? Read here to find out.

Skin Deep

This month, Natural Health Expert, Michelle Pobega discusses steps you can take and some products you can use to keep your skin beautiful and soft as the weather gets colder. Read here.

Marriage Breakdown

Marriage breakdown can affect both your income and your assets and has a number of legal, tax and estate planning implications. Tonic Financial Expert, Susan Gottlieb has some ideas for you to consider when planning your estate.

How Sweet it Isn’t

Diabetes is a leading contributing factor in a variety of diseases and health conditions. So Natural Health Experts Joel Thuna and Claude Gallant want you to do everything in your power to learn how to prevent getting the disease. Read how, here.