Tonic Toronto - November 2014

Nurturing your November

Aries- Six of Wands, Nine of Cups, Ace of Cups You have taken certain steps necessary to move forward from an emotional situation in your life.  This month, keep focusing on moving forward.  You are about to experience brand new emotions and…

Foods that Boost Bone Health

Leading Celiac Disease Expert, Lisa Cantkier, understands that maintaining bone density is a particular problem for those who have a gluten intolerance. She suggests the top foods and supplements that can help battle osteoporosis.

Holy Basil:

Renita Rietz reviews the culinary anthropology of this wonderful plant. Find out how you can include Holy Basil into your diet.

Peoples Eatery

Many new restaurants in Toronto don't adhere to the traditional appetizer, main, dessert paradigm. Peoples Eatery, serving nibbles and noshes and bites fits that bill. Find out the best dishes to graze at this restaurant specializing in traditional Eastern European Jewish and Chinese foods.

Thug Kitchen

Cookbook expert, Naomi Bussin, wants you to look past the purposefully salty language and focus on the funky vegan recipes in this new book from these acclaimed California bloggers.

Handy Tips

Tonic Beauty Expert, Jean Eng, will tell you all you need to know to keep your hands soft and supple in the coming months.

Natural Approaches To Menopause

Tonic Regular, Bryce Wylde, discusses the current research regarding natural treatments for the symptoms of menopause. Read about the three pathways at which much of the hormone-neurotransmitter-cytokine interaction occurs.

Six Foods to Help You "Feel Full"

Some people think that eating a plant based diet will leave you feeling hungry. Holistic Nutritionist, Marni Wasserman, presents six foods that will fill you up as the Toronto weather gets colder.

Get Baked

Gluten Free Expert and founder of the Gluten Free Garage, Ronniyln Pustil, gives you her take on the top bakeries offering gluten free products in the GTA. Oh, and there's a recipe too!