Tonic Toronto - May 2017

Cooking The Books

Tonic cookbook reviewer, Naomi Bussin, is a bit of a cheater. She makes subtle changes to the recipes that she tests. But that shouldn't stop you from reading her review of The First Mess Cookbook.

On The Plate

One of Tonic Publisher Jamie Bussin's favourite restaurants in Toronto was Patois...before it was damaged by fire. Is Craig Wong's follow-up Jackpot Chicken Rice as good? Read here to find out.


Are you trying to conceive. Local yogi, Tracey Soghrati will tell you how your yoga practice might help the process. Read here to find out the details.

Ask The Expert

Tonic Natural Health Expert, Michelle Pobega, knows that some of you are trying to conceive naturally. She has some supplements to recommend to help in the process. Read here to find out the details.

Elemental Aesthetics

Tonic Natural Beauty Expert, Jean Eng, knows that the health of your skin is a primary concern. She has some sage advice about skin sensitivity. Read here to find out the details.


Tonic Sex Expert Carlyle Jansen knows that not every woman can achieve orgasm from intercourse. She discusses the "Triad of Pleasure" - some other means to achieve happy ends. Read here

Taking Care of Number One

Natural Health Expert, Kathy Shwydky, knows that sometimes a 'time out' to do something for yourself is the best remedy. Read here to find out some ideas of what you can do ...for you.


Aries: Six of Swords, Three of Cups, Eight of Cups You have been able to separate yourself from some negative feelings lately. This month, focus on expressing your true feelings. You are learning from your past mistakes and making sure…


Tonic Nutrition Expert, Claire Le Gresley, doesn't want you to get hung up on semantics, but rather focus on your willpower and try some mindful eating. Read here to find out the details

Perfect Form

Tonic Fitness Expert Rod MacDonald knows that some of your habits are preventing you from reaching your fitness goals. He has some great ideas to help you along your wellness journey. Read here.