Tonic Toronto - June 2018

Nutiva Certified Organic Liquid Coconut Oil

Nutiva is excited to unveil the first Certified Organic Liquid Coconut Oil in the world!   Great for cooking at high heat, for sauces, in smoothies and on popcorn. It's a great substitute for canola, corn, soy and peanut oils. Nutiva's liquid coconut oil has a higher amount…

Dining In

Does Tonic Cookbook reviewer, Naomi Bussin, think we have anything to learn from younger authors? The answer is a resounding yes!. Read here to learn about why you should pick up Alison Roman's cookbook.

Sex Work:

The current legal regime regulating sex work in Canada is the "Nordic Model". Tonic Sex Expert, Carlyle Jansen, explains what that means and what we can do better. Read here.

Stay Young, Get A Dog

We know you love your dog. But did you know about all the ways having a dog keeps you healthy. Read Kathryn Anderson's latest article to find out the details.

How to Survive Pitta Season

People with a dominant Pitta dosha have an excess of internal heat and are especially susceptible to sun exposure. Ayurvedic Beauty Expert Jean Eng knows what you should do to protect your skin. Read here.

“But what will I eat without meat?”

Tonic Natural Nutritionist, Claire Le Gresley, doesn't want you to try that newest diet. But she does think you should try integrating more fruits and vegetables into your meals. Find out how here.

Yoga In Strange Places

Sure, you could practice yoga at a studio or in your home. But local yogi Sari Nisker Fox will tell you why its invigorating to practice in "strange places" . Read here to find out more.