Tonic Toronto - January 2015


Ginger has been used in cooking and medicine for centuries. Renita Reitz explains its classical applications and benefits, and as a bonus provides her recipe for a throat soothing tea!

Cold and Flu?

This season 25% of us will have the flu, and even more will catch a cold. Joel Thuna and Claude Gallant have some simple ideas on what you can do to avoid getting sick this winter. And if you do get sick, they have some natural remedies to help see you through your illness.

Nail Your New Year's Resolutions

Beauty Expert Ryan Antooa knows how expensive it can be to stock your shelves with natural beauty products. He has a solution: Coconut Oil. Find out about its many uses and have a healthy new year.

The Fat Radish

Cookbooks featuring "seasonal ingredients" bring out the contrarian in reviewer, Naomi Bussin. But the Kitchen Diaries, from the chefs at New York's Fat Radish, is an accessible, usable cookbook. Find out why Naomi thinks you should buy it.

Little Sister Food Bar

Although it may seem like it, you don't have to go Downtown to find interesting, fun places to eat in Toronto. Little Sister Food Bar puts modern twists on traditional Indonesian fare.

Messages From Beyond

Local born internationally known medium and authour, Colette Baron-Reid, has a new show running on the Vision and ONE networks. We asked her three pressing questions about her readings and her show.

What Will Your Legacy Be?

One of the greatest acts of kindness may be organizing your affairs so that your loved ones don't have to during their time of mourning. Rod Macdonald has some helpful ideas to make sure that your legacy will be one of happiness, love and caring.

Beyond "No Means No"

Consent to sex is a hot topic in the news. Now that the issue has been brought to the forefront, how do we address it with our children. Carlyle Jansen has some straightforward and practical advice on having a difficult conversation with your kids.

Find Your January Joy

Aries- High Priestess, Eight of Wands, Hanged Man You have really come into your own intuition lately. This month, stay on top of your game because things will begin to happen very quickly for you. You will find that all…

The No Gym Workout

You don't need to join a club to stay fit. You don't even need to buy fancy equpment. Health expert, Steve Gyimesy, knows that doing the simple push up will set you on your way to better strength and overall wellness.

Vitamin C

We all know its important to ingest Vitamin C. Marni Wasserman will explain how it helps you fight illness, which foods contain it and how to consume it.