Tonic Toronto - January 2014

New Year, New You

Jean Eng knows that the most popular resolutions like losing weight and getting fit (etc.) lead to greater beauty. She'll explain how such goals are interrelated.

Kick Start Your Diet

Susanna Ivanovics will tell you the natural supplements you can take that will help you achieve the weight loss you want, naturally.


Renita Rietz will tell you why this Peruvian super-food might be the perfect source for a healthy alternative sweetener.

Go BPA Free

Fred Munawa wants to rid your life of BPA. Find out why and what you can do to detoxify your kitchen.


Naturopath Yelena Deshko explains all you need to know about this anti-oxidant and detoxifier that may be the secret to a healthier longer life.

Have a Joyful January!

Aries- High Priestess, Eight of Wands, Hanged Man You have really come into your own intuition lately. This month, stay on top of your game because things will begin to happen very quickly for you. You will find that all…

Grana Padano

Ilir Pristine will tell you why this cousin of Parmesan cheese might be the better value buy.

Eleven Ways to Live Better

Rod MacDonald understands that many people now seek to live their lives authenticly and holisticly, the way we did before electricity and indoor plumbing. He has eleven ideas on how you can do so.

Passport For Change

Jamie Bussin lost 52 lbs. eight years ago as a New Year's Resolution and he will not, to this day, shut up about it. But he may just have some ideas that will help you reach your goals for the coming year.