Tonic Toronto - February 2018

Prioritize Your Pleasure

This month Tonic Holistic Nutritionist Claire Le Gresley talks less about food and more about "self-love". Read here to find out what it means and how it applies to you.

Volunteering For Your Health

  When looking to improve your health, it’s natural to think about going for a run, upping your intake of vegetables, or incorporating meditation into your life. While these are tried and tested ways to lead a healthy lifestyle, allow…


Tonic Pet Expert Kathryn Anderson knows that if you're going to take your pooch out into the cold you have to make sure you're properly prepared. Read here to find out how.

A Full Indian Dinner

Trying to make a "Full Indian Dinner" when you've never done it before can be daunting. So Tonic Cookbook Reviewer Naomi Bussin referred to Meera Sodha latest recipes for guidance and inspiration.

Yoga is the Journey Back to Love

Local Yogi Sari Nisker-Fox thinks that the most important relationship we'll have isn't with our parents, kids or mate but rather ourselves. Read here to find out what that means and how a yoga practice plays a key part.