Tonic Toronto - February 2017

Ask The Expert

Health Expert, Michelle Pobega, knows that some of us are stressed and drained. She has three helpful hints to get you relaxed.


Sex Expert, Carlyle Jansen, knows that some us feel a lot of anxiety regarding the mandatory buy-something-nice-and-have-sex routine. Here are seven new ideas for you to enjoy the day.


If you've determined that certain foods are difficult for you to digest, Nutrition expert, Claire LeGresley encourages you to be a 'diet detective' and swap out the offending foods for these healthy substitutes.

Perfect Form

Fitness Expert Rod McDonald knows that you'll hear all about the hottest new workouts to try in 2017. But he wants you to read about the most effective programs. Read here.

Healthy and Wealthy

After you file your tax return, you should receive a Notice of Assessment from the Canada Revenue Agency. Here’s an overview of how to interpret your RRSP Deduction Limit Statement to determine the amount you can contribute, how much you can deduct on your income tax return and whether you are in an over-contribution position.