Tonic Toronto - February 2016

Cafe Boulud

There are a lot of great casual restaurants in Toronto, but where do you go if you're celebrating a special occasion. Tonic Publisher, Jamie Bussin thinks you should go to Cafe Boulud. Read here to find out why.

Have a Fabulous February

Tarotstrology is the newest way to discover mysterious answers about yourself! Lisa Marvin combines traditional astrology with her Mahovan interpretation of the Tarot cards. You've never seen yourself like this before! Aries – The Chariot, The Lovers, Eight of Pentacles…

This is the Year!

Tonic Publisher, Jamie Bussin writes both the Publisher's Note and the restaurant review for the magazine. This month, because he visited an underground restaurant, he's writing a stealth review.

It's Okay To Play

Sex Expert, Carlyle Jansen knows that many people have reservations and preconceived notions about sex toys. In this article she sets the record straight and answers all those misguided concerns.

Nine Small Steps Toward Better Health

Claude Gallant and Joel Thuna know that many of us want to fix our health and wellness right away...and that we sometimes take drastic action to achieve those goals. They think there's a better way. These nine small steps will get you along that path to better health.

Beat The Winter Blues

It's cold. It's dark. Winter can get you down. Health Expert, Michelle Pobega, has six natural health products that might help keep your mood up. Read here.

The Law of Breakfast

Tonic Cookbook Reviewer, Naomi Bussin, knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. She'll point you to the best cookbooks, blogs and websites for breakfast recipes.

Coming Clean

What should, or more importantly shouldn't, be in your beauty and skincare products can be confusing. Lora Maghanoy identifies ingredients you should absolutely avoid.