Tonic Toronto - February 2015

Have a Fantastic February

Aries – The Chariot, The Lovers, Eight of Pentacles You have really taken control in many areas of your life. This month, you will make an important connection both internally and externally. So pay attention and keep working hard. You’ll get…

Organic Food Labelling

Organic Food Industry insider, Julia Kirouac, knows that non-GMO is not the same as "organic". Find out what you should be looking for when you read the food labels at the store.

Erotic Assertiveness for Modern Men

How does the modern man embrace feminist values of fairness, respect and equality and respond to their partner's desire for them to be more sexually assertive. Carlyle Jansen knows it is a delicate balance. Find out how "nice guys" can shift gears.

Plumping It Up!

Health expert, Michelle Pobega, has three excellent natural supplements to give you a little extra help to keep your skin glowing.

Loving Legumes

If you're looking for a healthy vegetable based source of protein, legumes might be your best choice. Marni Wasserman explains the virtues of the versatile pulse.

Baking Chez Moi

Cookbook reviewer, Naomi Bussin, looks at Dorie Greenspan's latest offering, Baking Chez Moi. The classic French pastry recipes are the types of cookies, cakes and treats made in the home, rather than the complicated desserts found in patisseries. But Naomi knows you'll love them.


If you're looking for a fresh spin on Chinese Food, try Dailo on College Street. Chef Nick Liu's beautiful restaurant serves traditional dishes made with unexpected ingredients and uses traditional ingredients in new applications. And don't skip dessert.

Chocolate: Raw or Processed?

Joy McCarthy has a Valentine's Day treat for you. In addition to explaining the differences between raw and processed chocolate, she has an excellent recipe for Chili and Cinnamon Chocolate Bark.

Luck & Perspective

A rough night at the casino and a broken down car are illustrative of a run of bad luck. But, perhaps not. As Tonic Publisher, Jamie Bussin, explains, it depends on one's perspective.