Tonic Toronto - December 2014

Avoid Holiday Stress

Are you feeling run down this December. Health expert, Michelle Pobega has three natural supplements to help you keep your energy levels up.

The Bar Book

If you're doing any holiday hosting, cookbook reviewer, Naomi Bussin, has just the thing for you. The Bar Book is a funky procedural, designed to help you properly stock your bar and concoct homemade mixers so you can create delicious drinks.

Mamakas Taverna

If you want great Greek food, you don't necessarily have to go to the Danforth. Find out what to order at Mamakas Taverna in the heart of Ossington's restaurant row.

Clean Up Your Cosmetics

Joy McCarthy is concerned that your cosmetics might be toxic. She gives you the run-down of the chemical ingredients to avoid when making your purchases.

Feeling Young

Tonic Publisher, Jamie Bussin, has to work at staying "young". But he also has a strategy. And no, it does not include Zumba classes.

Have a Delicious December

Aries- Page of Cups, The World, King of Pentacles You have finally adopted the new attitude that has been trying to take effect in your life. This month, the world is your oyster and you have nothing to lose. Take…

Green Coffee Beans

You may have heard a lot about green coffee beans in association with weight loss. Ryan Foley explains what you need to know when purchasing this supplement.

Goodbye Gluten

Where can you go to find a wide selection of gluten-free foods in Toronto. Goodbye Gluten is a specialty store featuring a wide variety of products, in-house baked goods and prepared foods perfect for those suffering from Celiac Disease or trying to live a gluten-free lifestyle.

Olive Oil:

Olive oil has a rich culinary history. Renita Reitz explains it's role as part of your healthy diet.

Twist & Stretch

Yogi, Rachelle Wintzen, used to be a Manhattan "Bottle Girl". So she has some insight on how to survive excess partying. But is a yogic cure for hangovers a "stretch"?

Pleasant Plant-Based Hosting

When inviting people into your home to help celebrate the season, there can be added pressure if your guests don't follow the same lifestyle as you. Marni Wasserman has some great ideas on being a welcoming holiday host.