Tonic Toronto - April 2018


Each month Randee Glassman, Director of Marketing and Ambassador of Buzz at Organic Garage, an organic and all natural grocery store, profiles a great new product.

Learning to Speak Up

Last month Tonic Sex Expert, Carlyle Jansen, explained why it can be sometimes difficult to say "no". In this article she explains how to advocate on your own behalf in your personal relationships. Read here.

Workouts of the Future

Tonic Publisher, Jamie Bussin and his workout buddy Scott think that they might be fitter than most 20 year olds. And that got him thinking about staying fit as he gets older. Read here to find out about his future workout plans

Yoga vs Cancer

The second annual Yoga to Conquer Cancer event is this month. Read here to learn about this worthy event and who it helps.

GYO Cannabis

Growing your own marijuana, for medical reasons or otherwise, is a viable option for Canadians. Tonic Cannabis Expert, Rick Gilman explains the ins and outs. Read here.

Sustainable Beauty

This month Tonic Natural Beauty Expert Jean Eng explains how you can keep your skin looking beautiful without toxic products. Read here.