Tonic Toronto - April 2016

Six Crossfit Myths Busted

Tonic Publisher, Jamie Bussin, just happens to know a Crossfit competitor who's opening a brand-new, state-of-the-art Crossfit gym in Yorkville, on April 1st. They bust six myths about this growing fitness trend.

March Break Madness

Tonic Publisher, Jamie Bussin, thought he was being "edgy" by doing walking food tours of the boroughs when visiting New York City during March Break. That illusion was shattered pretty quickly.

It's Child's Play

What could be more rewarding than teaching yoga to new students? For local Yogi Jelayna Da Silva teaching her kid's yoga class is incredibly rewarding. Find out why.


Sushi isn't particularly exotic fare in Toronto. But what about a specific kind of sushi, pressed into layers and lightly seared; aka. Aburi Sushi? Jamie Bussin tells you which dishes to order in this Vancouver transplanted favourite.

The Hot Bread Kitchen Cookbook

There's a lot of good news surrounding the founders of Hot Bread Kitchen and the authors of their cookbook, but is the book functional? Can you follow the recipes? Reviewer Naomi Bussin has all the answers. Read here.

Have an Awesome April

Aries: The Emperor, Three of Wands, Queen of Cups Recently, you have really taken charge of the important areas of your life. This month, focus on communicating your goals and desires more clearly. Once you do, good news will come…

Talking $#!%

You already know that what you eat is important to your health. But did you know that your "poop" is a window to your health. Expert, Bryce Wylde explains what to look your toilet.

Straight From the Mouths of Celiacs

Ronnilyn Pustil isn't just an expert on Celiac Disease, she's also the driving force behind the Gluten Free Garage, Toronto's best Gluten Free Foodie Experience. She's interviewed six sufferers to get their take on coping with this ailment.